Cannabis ingredient shows promise as potential antibiotic for superbugs

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Interesting Facts About Cannabis captures some fascinating and interesting facts from the American Society for Microbiology studies and research about antibacterial action and CBD. The facts are that CBD is active against graham-positive bacteria.

What this means in terms of actual treatments, products, and otherwise remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

Researchers at the University of Queensland have found that a topical formulation containing cannabidiol (CBD) is effective at killing bacterial skin infections and could form the basis of a new drug. The team found that the non-psychoactive ingredient killed all strains of bacteria they tested, including strains that have […]

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The perfect way to use cannabis to deal with psoriasis is as a tincture or oil put on the epidermis. Even with no cure, it is proving to be a great solution to the illness. There are a lot of reasons why it is just too early to evaluate cannabis in skin care and create an educated recommendation.

Cannabis is very helpful in cutting the pain and discomfort that most patients with psoriasis must deal with, due to the plant’s powerful analgesic properties. It may also be key to preventing the onset of skin cancer. Topical Cannabis may also help alleviate the joint pain related to the condition, and treat psoriasis of the scalp.

Cannabis might help to lessen pain. It has an ever-growing list of medical applications. No matter the reason for the chronic pain, it is sensible to conclude that cannabis is a powerful treatment. Cannabis has been demonstrated to be not only an immunomodulator but in addition an immunosuppressant. As an example, using cannabis as a all-natural cure for psoriasis and eczema has been shown to be quite effective sometimes.

Cannabis has been demonstrated to be effective in addressing inflammation and its main symptoms without the damaging side effects of conventional medications. In the future, it may be used to help heal open sores caused by psoriasis. It contains chemicals called cannabinoids that are also produced naturally by the human body. It is essential to bear in mind that medicinal cannabis is just legal in some states.

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