Calling All Urkels: The Best Nerdy Hobbies To Get Into

Calling All Urkels: The Best Nerdy Hobbies To Get Into

As a self-proclaimed nerd, it’s likely you already have a slew of niche interests. Why not tack on a few more activities this summer? Utilize your knack for learning to broaden your horizons with this list of the best nerdy hobbies to get into.

3D Printing

3D printers build layer by layer to create your chosen product. They’re super versatile—people who are interested in the following will likely benefit from adopting a 3D printer.

  • Board games: You can print new pieces for your existing board games or make your own.
  • Automotive models: Mimic your favorite plane, train, or automobile from any era through 3D printing.
  • Teaching: Looking for a unique way to excite your students? Incorporate some 3D printing into your lesson to garner closer attention from your students. You can replicate an ancient artifact or simply make the concept of a complex, dimensional polygon tangible.
  • Engineering: If you love creating blueprints for different mechanical features, you can experiment with your ingenuity through 3D printing.

PC Building

Put your IT skills to the test by building your own personal computer. There’s lots of necessary equipment needed to create a PC, but you’ll find the investment well worth it and can customize your build based on your budget.

Constructing your own PC poses a unique challenge that you’ll gain plenty of handy computer knowledge from. You’ll also end up with a sweet device that enhances all streaming experiences, so you can revel in all your hard work.

Metal Modeling

From Grogu to the DeLorean, you can create virtually any of your favorite franchise features with metal modeling. Using needle-nose pliers and a whole lot of patience, you can manipulate a bunch of metal pieces to make your favorite fantasy creations come to life.

When you begin your metal modeling endeavor, slowly but surely, an epic replica of your favorite superhero, Star Wars character, fictional automotive, or other niche interest comes to life. There are lots of metal modeling design options online to cater to a wide variety of geeky preferences, classifying it as one of the best nerdy hobbies to get into.

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