Best Ways To Prevent Slipping Around Indoor Pools

Best Ways To Prevent Slipping Around Indoor Pools

We’ve all taken falls that knock us utterly senseless. There are hazards to consider around an indoor pool because of the water and lack of sunlight to dry things. The more safety features that are implemented, the less risk there will be to you and others in the pool area. Consider the best ways to prevent slipping around indoor pools to help maintain your safety as well as others.

Pool Rules

All pools should have a posted set of rules and regulations to keep pool users from having harmful accidents. The main rule to always be aware of and to share with others is that running is prohibited. It only takes one slip to have a horrendous fall.

Walking should be done anywhere in the pool area and with great caution. Additionally, if the pool is too shallow, there should be no diving. Most pools have removed their diving boards because, even with proper depth, injuries were still occurring far too frequently.


Many footwear options are made specifically for slick or wet areas. Wear shoes with a non-slip sole when around the pool. Flip flops and sandals without grip or non-slip properties can make a pool area suddenly much more treacherous than it needs to be. Bare feet will be a safer mode of leaving the pool area than slippery shoes.


Drainage solutions are very important when it comes to pools. They are responsible for removing excess water from any areas with slight and unnoticeable slopes. However, drainage solutions have to be discrete enough and flush with the ground, so people don’t get their feet caught or scrapped on openings or grates.

Residential drainage solutions, such as slot drains, fix the issue of excess moisture and pooling without a large open drain adding risk to the area. There are other, almost undetectable options that ensure water is collected as soon as possible.

Of the best ways to prevent slipping around indoor pools, it’s crucial to be aware of the surroundings and avoiding unnecessary items that obstruct walkways. Pools are dangerous when care isn’t taken around them. It’s very important to maintain alertness and ensure proper safety signage and equipment are present. With the proper precautionary measures, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your pool time.

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