Best Mountain Bike Brands in Australia

Bike Brands in Australia

One search online and you’re likely to find lots of different names in the mountain biking niche. Therefore, it’s normal to look at the screen of your chosen device with confusion and frustration. Don’t worry, some names have a stronger reputation than others. In this guide, you’ll see some of the most reputable mountain bike brands in Australia.

1. Trek

With a history spanning back to 1975, it’s fair to say that Trek is an established name in the market. Although the company’s headquarters are based in the United States, most production takes place overseas whether this is in the Netherlands, China, or Germany. Thankfully, the brand also has subsidiaries around the world and we’re able to enjoy the amazing bikes in Australia.

Depending on what you need, Trek ventures into all sorts of niches. This includes:

  • Single track trail
  • Sports hardtail
  • Dual sport
  • Cross country

Key features of Trek bikes include high performance and their lightweight nature.

2. Giant

Next, we have a cycling company with three years of extra experience over Trek, but they actually waited until 1981 to produce their own bikes rather than working with other brands. Available in over 50 countries, they were the first company to experiment with carbon fibre and volume production techniques (like CAD). Ever since the first bike rolled off the production line, Giant has been a leader in the field and continues to be an innovator today.

3. Focus

Although not as easy to find in Australia as the first two suggestions, it’s impossible to ignore the might of Focus. After forming in 1993, Focus quickly started working on mountain bike models and it took 13 years to introduce carbon fibre designs. In 2008, the company decided to launch a time trial model alongside a triathlon bike.

Fans of mountain biking may recognise this name since they sponsor both events and teams. For example, in 1993, shortly after the launch of the company itself, Mike Kluge became a national champion in Germany with a Focus model. Jorg Arenz and other stars have also found success with Focus designs. Leading models now include the JAM ELITE 29, O1E MAX Team, and O1E Pro. Most of these riders can be found riding in sponsored biking attire and mtb knee pads from Sendy Gear Australia.

4. Norco

This time, we’re going all the way back to the 1960s for a brand originally called Northern Cycle Industries. From that name, you may have realised that Norco was founded in Canada and it entered the mountain bike scene in the mid-1980s. In 1991, they released Rampage, and this was one of the first models in Australia to have front suspension. Three years later, they released a full-suspension design, and they remain a global force even today.

5. BMC

If you’ve heard anything about BMC, it’s probably that their bikes are more expensive compared to every other company in the industry. This is true, but this price difference is warranted with the extra off-road performance, stability, and sturdy construction. When you buy from BMC, you can be confident of high-quality materials, superior design, and a bike that lasts the test of time.

Based in Switzerland, the designers have mountains all around so it’s perhaps not surprising that they can offer some of the best products in this market. Top models include Speedfox 01 ONE 29, Speedfox 02 TWO 29, and Speedfox 03 TWO 29.

Choosing a new mountain bike is a daunting experience, but these are five of the best mountain bike brands in Australia. If you stick with these, you’re sure of a positive experience. Other reliable names include Specialized and Rocky Mountain. Have fun choosing your new mountain bike!

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