Beginner Tips for Setting Up Your Aquarium

Beginner Tips for Setting Up Your Aquarium

Fish are particular creatures that require a specific environment to thrive in; any deviations from that ideal can cause them to get sick or lower their quality of life. Because of their sensitivity, it’s essential to have some beginner tips for setting up your aquarium to prevent any avoidable mistakes. Often, people look at fish as decorations more than pets, but fish are still living creatures that have needs.

Know the Right Environment They Need

Not all fish live in the same type of water or environment; they live in different habitats that you need to be aware of before making any purchases. Before anything, identify whether your fish need saltwater or freshwater; using the wrong water can severely hurt your fish or even kill them.

Maintain Their Environment

Aside from filling the tank with the correct water, you need to ensure the water is clean and safe for the fish to swim in. Despite the iconic fishbowl in pop culture, that type of tank can be harmful to fish. Without a proper filtration system, standing water will accumulate bacteria and other hazardous microbes. This will inevitably poison the water and infect your fish, killing them.

Be Aware of Proper Cleaning Techniques

Even with the right filter, the aquarium will need cleaning from time to time. Many people think they’ll need to dump out all the water and fill it back up, but this can prove detrimental. Instead of completely exchanging the water, aquarium owners need to remove about a quarter of the water in the tank and fill it back up every week. While the filter prevents the build-up of bacteria, there are still germs in the water that are essential to maintain the ideal environment for your fish.

Algae Growth

While it may seem like a natural fixture to your tank, aquarium owners need to clean off and prevent the growth of algae. Direct sunlight shining into the tank can promote the growth of algae, forcing it to develop rapidly. A little algae in a tank is normal, it’s a natural byproduct of the watery environment, but too much can poison the water. Make sure to clean out the algae when necessary and find a place to house your tank away from direct sunlight.

Always Monitor the Tank

Knowing some tips to start your fish tank is always helpful, but you need to keep to a routine to preserve it. Always check on the temperature and pH level to make sure everything is as it should be; changes happen quickly, and ignoring a tank for a few days can drastically disrupt the fishes’ environment.

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