Bearded Dragon Facts That Will Surely Amaze You

bearded dragon

The bearded dragon is one of the most popular reptile species in the entire world. This is because it can be kept as a pet, unlike most other reptiles, and is increasingly becoming a common household name. People fascinated by the bearded dragon have given it the pet name “beardie” because of its unique physical features.

They may sound deadly, but beardies stay considerably calm and composed most of the time — and are loved even more due to that. While there are at least eight recognized species of bearded dragons in the world today, the Pogona is arguably the most popular of the lot. Getting a bearded dragon as a pet might seem eccentric and unconventional from the outside, but the experience is quite rewarding as the beardie tends to gradually grow on you. This article describes some of the most peculiar but interesting facts about the famous bearded dragon.

They Are Not Always the Predators

While it may seem like the bearded dragon is a ferocious hunter by the way they are built, they are not always the predators in the ecosystem. In the wild, they always need to stay alert for any unseen danger that might come up. Some species of birds and lizards prey on the bearded dragon and are a constant menace to them at all times, which is why the beardie tends to seek isolated hiding spots or high ground so that they can remain safe from the onslaught of their direct predators.

In fact, their eyes are positioned sideways in order to cover a larger area of view, a common feature of natural prey animals. However, the placement of their eyes is one of the prime factors that make them even more attractive to look at. Bearded dragons, if kept healthy and safe, can live a long life, similar to common household pets that we are accustomed to seeing all the time, like cats and dogs.

They Love Eating Roaches

A bearded dragon’s diet generally consists of roaches in good quantities. An adult beardie can consume as much as five Dubia roaches throughout the course of a single day, while younger ones can eat, astonishingly, five to ten times more than that! Live food is always preferred by the beardie, and while they also consume crawlers like mealworms and waxworms with pleasure, it is the roach that truly delights them.

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They Can Change Their Gender

Just to clear it up before we dive into the matter: bearded dragons do not change their sex on their own. It just happens! According to certain studies and research, keeping the newly laid eggs of a beardie in temperatures above 90° F can turn male eggs into female eggs. Bearded dragons can certainly lay female eggs and not require this temperature-induced genetic mutation. However, this happens more often than not. It does indeed feel miraculous. Chances are, you might be able to witness it first hand if you decide to adopt one.

Their Scales Express Their Emotions

Touch or simply look at the scales of a bearded dragon, and you should be able to perceive its mood. They have extremely expressive scales that respond to any changes in their temperament and change shape accordingly. During tough times when the beardie is feeling stressed, the scales turn rigid and prickly. On the contrary, when it is relaxed, the scales lay flat and give the creature a cleaner look. It is quite remarkable, and it is beneficial for their owners to figure their mood out and act accordingly.

They Can Move Really Fast if They Want

Most beardie owners will claim that their adored pets usually like staying static for most parts of the day. They hardly move around unless they feel the need to. However, do not be deceived by this! Bearded dragons can reach speed limits of up to nine miles per hour, given the right incentive. While they do love the sensation of sitting still and basking in the sun, teach them to walk on a leash, and they will comply with pleasure. In fact, highly enthusiastic beardies are quite difficult to control during walks, due to the high curiosity that forces them to abruptly shoot towards their targets. Make sure you do not loosen your hold on the leash!

Two-Headed Bearded Dragons Exist

This might seem like the strangest fact of the lot but is very much real and not completely unheard of. Bicephalism is a genetic trait that some beardies are born with. This is when the creature is born with two heads instead of one and still be healthy and live a long life. Do not be surprised if you come across a double-headed beardie, just be amazed at witnessing the miracle of life! An interesting aspect regarding this issue is that a two-headed bearded dragon would not necessarily require additional nutrition but can keep living happily with standard amounts.

They Can Sleep on Their Feet

Although this is not very common, bearded dragons are known to be capable of sleeping while standing, that too on just the rear legs! They can figure out an ideal location to lean against and sleep through the night in peace. Many beardie owners provide a hammock inside the artificial habitat which allows the dragon to get more comfortable. You would be amazed to see your beardie chilling on it as if it is a day out on the beach.

Wrapping Up

Among all the exotic pets that you can bring home, the bearded dragon is certainly one of the most prominent and adored. They feature highly in a lot of pet competitions these days, making them even more desirable for enthusiasts. Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of all the regular features and the bizarre features of the beardie before opting to adopt one.

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