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In-built Artificial Intelligence capabilities in Dynamics 365 can be leveraged for improvement in core company operations, one of which is a boost in sales performance.  

Artificial intelligence platform for sales can centralize all data captured from customer engagement and feedbacks into a central repository which can then be fed into AI models to generate business insights regarding Sales and customer engagement regarding sale 

Some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence can help boost sales and enhance Customer Experience are: 

Data Platform: 

Artificial Intelligence for Sales Insight has a dedicated platform which hosts data captured from customer engagement and jots them down into visible feeds and charts for you to better understand what is going on in your sales department. The data platform has integrated calculators for keyword tracking, sentiment analysis and brand detection.  

Engagement Analysis: 

Artificial Intelligence models automatically analyze engagement emotion, sentiment, conversation content, and speaking style of the customer to understand and quantify the reaction of your products and your services. A number of metrics are used for this by Dynamics GP Partner in UAE.  

• Talk to listen ratio: 

The talk-listen ratio is a rough way of measuring the relative emphasis being placed by your marketing teams on potential leads and customers for value creation and extraction of data. Customers are more satisfied when they are listened to more often. Artificial Intelligence can measure the ratio and you can tinker with the agents process to enhance and optimize for better performance.  

• Keywords imitation: 

Artificial Intelligence can analyze the engagements if the best agents and understand what keywords or scripts are they using more often. You can use those keywords in other agents’ scripts and discourse to enhance customer engagements and experience. 

• Switch rate: 

Artificial Intelligence can quantify individual switch rates of your agents and compare them to other agents to find out which agents are the top sellers and how are they doing it.  

Seller Details: 

Through a central repository for data of a customer, Artificial Intelligence models can generate business insight and actionable intel on what was the nature of the customer’s engagements were and how can it be made better. Some of the metrics used are: 

• Sentiment over time (the average of all the past sentiments the customer had regarding your business or product) 
• Talk to listen ratio (the complete history of the ratio when engaged with your sales team) 
• Sentiment per call 

Best medium for conversation: 

Through Artificial Intelligence analysis of the conversation between sales team and potential or previous customers can find out what is the best medium to close a deal with a certain someone. This can also be calculated on team levels where efficiency and success in closing deals can be calculated according to the medium used and your sales team can benefit from this information to adopt the best possible medium.   

Nature of Insights: 

The insights derived from all these metrics can be in the form of missing keywords that might help in completing a sale or adjusting the volume of information given to the customer per minute or the sentiment value of the client before the next engagement etc.  

These little things can add up to become a huge reason for the completion of sales and a satisfied customer.  

Decision making: 

Through artificial Intelligence insights, business decisions can be influenced and optimized by keeping the new metrics in mind. The metrics mentioned can help you in understanding what is either missing or being understated in your sales pitch or what are the factors that still need to be worked upon to enhance sales.  You can also make decisions to provide personalized sales pitch to potential leads and customers keeping in mind their past interactions and sentiments observed for a certain product or marketing effort.  

The AI capabilities are inbuilt in Dynamics 365 and can be made use of when acquiring a Dynamics 365. Microsoft partners with a number of local providers which are scrutinized and have shown great performance giving them capability to provide this suite to businesses and organizations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners UAE is a Gold partner with Microsoft on Dynamics 365 in UAE and has a well-established expertise in provision. To know more, get in touch with their customer assistance.  

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