Applications of Steel That Demonstrate Its Versatility

Applications of Steel That Demonstrate Its Versatility

Did you know that, despite being discovered over 4,000 years ago, steel is still one of the most widely used materials for buildings, infrastructure, product manufacturing, and more? Here are three applications of steel that demonstrate its versatility and overall significance to our society.

The World’s Tallest Buildings

Nearly all of the world’s tallest buildings are constructed with steel frameworks, a practice popularized by the Rand McNally Building in Chicago (1890). Even today, architects rely on the dependability of steel support infrastructure for creating engineering marvels. But why has steel remained the number one building material worldwide for so long? Aside from its natural fire resistance and corrosion resistance (more on those later), steel is very flexible. More accurately, you can create specialized steel parts for a plethora of applications to ensure the most complex building designs are safe and stable. Other metals don’t possess this versatility or are more expensive.

Automotive Parts

Steel, specifically stainless steel, is extremely fire-resistant. Compared to other metal materials, stainless steel retains structural integrity when exposed to intense temperatures for extended periods. Additionally, stainless steel is highly corrosive-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. Considering these two characteristics, it’s no surprise that stainless steel and normal steel are often used to create automotive parts. This metal is so versatile and reliable in automotive applications that you can find advantageous steel UTV bumpers and modifications on the aftermarket.

Artistic Works

We often see steel as simply a building material that serves a specific yet crucial function. However, we sometimes forget that this resource is as beautiful as any other item that comes from nature. In fact, steel art is a massively popular subsector of the art industry that creates stunning pieces, some of which end up in significant museums, galleries, and institutions. Steel art is also very practical for large-scale applications, meaning you can typically find these structures in cities and other big municipalities.

As you can see, steel boasts a plethora of applications, all of which demonstrate its versatility and reliability. Next time you’re blankly looking off into the distance, look around and find the different ways steel is implemented in your daily life—you just might gain a greater appreciation for the material!

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