A definite Guide to Interior Improvement

Interior Improvement

Few changes can make interior spaces look better than fresh coats of paint. While you and the contractor went over the details up front, it never hurts to take a second look once the panting is done. Here are four areas that you want to check before and after interior painting to ensure that everything is exactly what you wanted. 

The Paint Coverage

Your plan was to go from a darker wall color to a lighter one. That meant ensuring the coverage is complete, and that none of the old color is bleeding through the new one. This is often done by applying a primer coat, but the contractor may use a different method.

Look closely at the color before the painting begins. You may even want to take a photo of the wall, just so you have it for later reference. After the painting is completed, and the walls are dry, look at them closely. If there are no signs of the old color showing through the new layers of paint, then everything is as it should be. 

The Wall Texture

The former wall texture wasn’t too your likely. Specifically, it was a little rougher than you wanted. While a previous owner was fond it, you see this as a chance to make a change.

Sure enough, the painting crew knew what it would take to smooth the surface a little prior to painting. With their permission, they employed the strategy, made sure the surfaces were free of any residue, then began the painting. Now, the walls are smooth to the touch: just what you wanted for commercial fitouts. 

Only Straight Lines Will Do

Since the ceiling won’t be the same color as the walls, you want to ensure there are no sloppy lines around the points here the two meet. Professionals will often make use of painter’s tape to ensure they can have perfectly straight lines. In fact, this is what the painting crew did to ensure straight lines around the ceiling, and around the window and door frames. 

During your comparison between the before and after interior painting, look closely at those lines. Are they straight, clean, and free of any issues? If so, then you can check this line item off your list of things to check. 

Complete Cleanup

One of the joys of hiring professional painters is that they take care of preparing rooms for painting. That involves shifting furniture away from the walls, making sure it’s covered, and even putting down drop cloths to protect the floor and carpeting. 

After the painting is done, they will also remove all the cloths, shift the furniture back into position, and make sure all the painting equipment is removed from the premises. At best, you will only have to hang the wall art once the walls are finished drying. 

There’s a lot to be said for hiring professionals to paint the home’s interior. Before considering the job done, walk through the space and check a few particulars of the work. If you’re happy with the outcome, keep the contact information for the crew on hand. You may need them again in the future. 

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