7 tips for building a Great website

building a website

Nowadays, it is difficult to design effective business communication without going through the creation of a website. Indeed, consumers are more and more connected and the Internet is a very important step in their purchasing cycle. However, it is often difficult to see clearly when embarking on such a process. Through this article, we invite you to browse 7 tips that could help you in creating your website.

Tip 1 – Allow a reasonable amount of time

There aren’t really any rules around how long it takes to build a website. A few weeks, a few months… The reasonable period depends on the complexity of the site’s functionalities. You could set a strategic deadline, for example: launching your online store for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

The worst thing would be in a rush and regret it afterwards. So take the margin to think about it seriously and allow developers to refine the future website, your virtual image, while you create its “official upload”, a marketing operation not to be missed.

Tip 2 – Find inspiration elsewhere

Like any good entrepreneur, be curious! There is definitely a type of website or two that has caught your eye with its aesthetics, headings and more. As for the competitors, what do they offer? Don’t hesitate to explore and critique before creating your site. Observe the tools they use, what they highlight. As much as you might come up with ingenious ideas that you haven’t dreamed of, their shortcomings may well become your assets. After this little work, you will already have some concrete bases to present to the one to whom you will entrust your website creation project.

Tip 3 – Don’t hesitate to call an agency

With the DIY trend that promises website creation in just a few clicks and turnkey site offers fast and cheap, you might be tempted by the time savings and the cost savings announced. However, to create a personalized and effective website, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional.

A web design agency will bring you its expertise and the best way to reach your target. She can also advise you on more advanced tools and features that will make your future website even more efficient. It can teach you to be autonomous so that you can enrich the content yourself. Nowadays, the agency generally offers a website creation package with web referencing, which is essential to obtain a better return on investment.

Tip 4: Don’t neglect the choice of your web host

In order for your website to be online, you will have no choice but to host your website. The choice of your host is indeed for example important for the performance of your website.

Tip 5: Adapt your web design to your target

The importance of web design for your success is well established. Be careful not to fall into the trap of wanting to develop a website with a “beautiful” design: this notion is too subjective. Make sure it is suitable for your target. Indeed, it is the only factor that will lead you to the path of success.

The challenge here is to create a website that takes into account the habits and expectations of your potential visitors. Even more so, you should try to put yourself in the shoes of the users and be objective as much as possible.

The visual aspect, that is to say: colors, fonts, images, arrangement of sections, etc. must be harmonious. Of course, your website will reflect your image, but above all it must correspond to the aspirations of your target. Don’t discourage them from the first connection, make them want to stay there and come back.

Take the example of online travel agencies and tourism companies, the visual elements on the home page must give a precise idea of ​​the travelers’ destinations (images of tourist places, hotels, restaurants, etc.)

Tip 6 – Make navigation easy

From the point of view of the Internet user, a “web” site is prohibitive! So make sure that every user who comes to your website does not spend hours to find what they are looking for. Making navigation easy means optimizing the user’s journey. A well-designed site is a well-organized site, one that easily puts at its fingertips what is likely to interest him, and this, in the right place, in the appropriate category or section.

Tip 7: Write great content

The content of your website is essential for your online success. This must be adapted to your target and will play a key role in your user experience as well as in your natural referencing.

Your website is the first image that the visitor will have of your company, your professionalism and your seriousness. Target your visitors or potential customers before you start writing content. Your texts and your articles must be unique, sufficiently informative, relevant and interesting, in connection with your activity and your company, so that the visitor is conquered. The quality is not limited to the content, but also to the form, spelling or grammar errors, approximate syntax will make you not very credible in the eyes of demanding Internet users.

In addition, the content actively participates in the natural referencing of your website. It is therefore important to satisfy the reader and the search engines with the same texts. It would be a shame to have a design site, with a lot of content and good products, but which is invisible.

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