7 Interesting Science Facts You Probably Would Never Have Known

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Up to 8 in 10 Americans believe that science has made their lives easier. Believing in the importance of science to improve human lives isn’t the same as knowing about science.

After all, you don’t have to be a scientist to believe in science. But, what about learning about it?

There are a bunch of typical scientific facts that you learn in high school. However, there are some things nobody ever tells you.

Here are the 7 interesting science facts to help you improve your knowledge of the world of science. Check out more below!

1. Human Babies Have More Bones Than Adults 

We’re always hearing about how Americans are having fewer kids. This is because of everything from fear of global warming to concerns about financial security.

And yet, there are many facts about human babies that the average American doesn’t know. You probably think that babies are just like adults. 

The only difference is that they’re much smaller, right? Well, the truth is that this is not exactly accurate.

Babies are actually built differently. They have nearly one hundred more bones compared with adults.

That’s how newborn babies are able to travel through the birth canal with ease, just like how a mouse can slip through the gaps in your home.

Adults only have 206 bones (unless you lost a limb along the way) because your bones have fused together. 

2. The Ocean Produces More Oxygen Than Trees

If you asked most people where oxygen is produced, they would probably say forests.

After all, everyone knows that planting more trees is important if you want to prevent global warming.

And yet, you have probably also heard that the Amazon Rainforest alone is responsible for up to 20% of the Earth’s oxygen.

Frankly, this isn’t true. The oceans play a much more crucial role in producing oxygen for human beings to breathe compared with trees.

That’s because the seaweed and plankton in our oceans actually produce more than 50% of oxygen in the world.

3. Clouds are Actually Really Heavy

Have you ever looked up at the clouds in the sky and wondered how heavy they would be to carry?

We usually think about clouds as being light and fluffy. However, they’re extremely heavy.

According to scientists, clouds probably weight around one million pounds. That’s around the same weight as a cargo jet

Next time you’re flying through the sky in an airplane, remember that the cloud is as heavy as the plane you’re inside.

4. Rats are Hilarious Creatures 

They say that sarcasm is the lowest kind of humor. But, even so, you wouldn’t think that any animal could engage in making jokes and laughing.

Actually, scientists have discovered that humans aren’t the only creatures with a sense of humor.

It may be unsurprising that chimpanzees, our closest relatives, are able to giggle at things that they find funny

However, rats are also capable of having a laugh. Don’t believe us? Check out this video to be amazed!

Do you want to test this with your own pet rat? Check out optical imaging for much more!

5. Peeing on Your Phone Makes it Work

Have you ever dropped your phone down the toilet? Nearly one in five people admit that they have dropped their phone in their pee.

This usually means that you need to replace your damaged phone with a new one. You may have a case to protect it, yet it’s still an awful experience.

However, scientists have explained that peeing on your phone may not actually be so bad. There are power cells that can generate energy when you pee on them.

The minerals inside your pee can actually produce electricity enough to power your smartphone. You’ll need to be able to produce over two cups of urine if you’re going to keep your phone running for around three hours.

6. You Can Dissolve Steel in Your Stomach

Don’t try this one at home, kids!

Your stomach actually has the ability to break down all kinds of materials. This is due to the acid inside your belly.

Whether it’s your morning eggs or a bag of candy, you’re able to digest your foods because of the corrosive hydrochloric acid.

Yes, it’s so powerful that it can even dissolve stainless steel. That’s pretty amazing!

7. You’re Heavier on Earth Than on the Moon

Around half of Americans say that they want to lose weight. But, what if you discovered that you could lose weight without eating less or doing any exercise?

Well, that’s not exactly possible. However, if you travel to the moon, you’ll find that you’re lighter on the scale.

That’s because gravity isn’t quite as strong on the moon. It’s approximately one-sixth of the Earth’s gravitational pull.

If you weigh 200 pounds on Earth, you’ll weigh just over 30 pounds on the moon. That’s a pretty big drop in weight, right? 

If you’re desperate to lose weight, definitely stay away from Jupiter. Your weight would double if you could stand on this planet.

Discover More Interesting Science Facts

There are numerous interesting science facts out there. Now you know scientific facts about the weight of clouds to the fact that rats like to laugh.

Now you surely can’t wait until your next dinner party or gathering of friends. You’ll be able to show off your scientific knowledge and impress everyone.

Do you want to discover more interesting facts? Check out our website for everything from the natural world to important people in history.

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