6 Office Wall Art Ideas We Can’t Help But Love

Office Wall Art Ideas

For many of us, work is where we spend the majority of our time. This is no different for office workers.

However, spending all that time at the office doesn’t mean we always enjoy it. Even if your job is the best you ever had, a cheerful graphic or two can add personality to a space that tends to get stale after enough days.

Are you looking for some graphic design ideas to provide your (or your employees) workspace with a little inspiration? Keep reading for a few of our favorite office wall art ideas. 

1. Make Your Company’s Mission Statement Visible

One of the most effective ways to make your company’s mission statement visible is to hang office wall art that bears the statement. With visual cues, those within your company walls are reminded of the organization’s values on a daily basis.

There are many creative office wall decor ideas that can help to bring your mission statement to life. Having the mission statement in all areas of the office can help to create an engaging and inspirational atmosphere. Making your company’s mission statement visible is sure to positively contribute to the productivity and morale of your team.

2. Hang Large Works of Art

Picturesque landscape art adds depth and drama, while bright abstracts add contrast and heightened color. Hang a large work of expressionist art and give your office a bold and modern look. Whatever you choose, it will be sure to impress clients, colleagues, and guests and make your office space inviting and inspiring.

And if you don’t have the wall space, hang a large and striking piece of wall art on a solid-colored wall. Make sure to protect the artwork by having a corporate art framing service build a custom frame for it. It’s good to have special lighting installed to draw attention to the artwork.

3. Curate a Gallery Wall

From classic prints and vintage photographs to abstract wall art and cityscapes, curating a wall of art with a mix of elements will enhance any office space. Consider grouping pieces together by theme or color palette. Black and white prints, framed letters, and world maps can be arranged together to create a visually interesting story.

To add some pop, select a screen print or vibrant abstract canvas. Incorporate an architecture print, nature sketch, and antique map if you want to include some vintage style. Old and new, colorful and minimalistic – you choose the combos that you love and create a modern office look!

4. Paint a Mural

Adding a mural to your office space can be a great statement piece that helps to convey a corporate culture or celebrate the work of your employees. It can also incorporate creative designs and imagery that inspires, motivates, and unites the team. Murals can be created with a variety of materials, ranging from oil paints to wallpaper to vinyl graphics.

Start by brainstorming ideas for a mural that resonates with your workplace and workforce, then design one according to the specifics of your space. Letting your employees be involved in the process of creating the artwork will help to bring them closer and create a sense of belonging. 

5. Set the Tone With a Giant Whiteboard or Chalkboard

Setting the tone with a giant whiteboard or chalkboard as wall art is a great idea for an office space. Not only can it be highly functional for visualization and goal setting, but it can also serve as a playful, creative element. Whiteboards or chalkboards can be used for posting reminders, tracking milestones, and sketching out ideas.

They are perfect for team meetings, brainstorming, scheduling, and countless other activities. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any space and theme. From easily erasable standard whiteboards to more decorative variations featuring wood frames, magnetic backing, and other features, there’s something to fit every style and budget. 

6. Include Mirrors

Mirrors not only do they brighten and open up the space, but they can also be used to catch the eye of any visitor. A few strategically placed small mirrors can also add visual interest to the walls by reflecting artwork or other items. Look for interesting frames or vintage mirrors that go along with the office’s unique style. 

Here are the different applications of mirrors in an office space. 

Full-Length Wall Mirror for Bathroom

Office wall art ideas that we can’t help but love are full-length wall mirrors for the bathroom. Not only do they add elegance, but they also give the office a much-needed touch of class. Placed behind the desk, they can help employees keep track of their appearance during the workday, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing finishing touch.

It can make the bathroom feel spacious and often reflects ambient office light. Full-length wall mirrors in the office add the perfect blend of form and function. With their sleek lines, they enhance both the physical and emotional appeal of the office. 

LED Vanity Mirrors

LED vanity mirrors are one of the most popular office wall art ideas we can’t help but love. Not only do they add a special aesthetic to any workspace, but they can be customized and personalized to any individual taste. For example, mirrors with lighting around the edges let you capture the perfect natural light touch to your office. 

Frameless Mirrored Cabinets

Frameless mirrored cabinets can add a modern, industrial, and contemporary touch to the room. These cabinets provide plenty of storage and display space for office or decorative items.

The gleaming reflective surface will make the office appear bigger and brighter and is a consistent favorite for home and office interior design. The reflective design allows for plenty of possibilities such as adding quirky and fun paintings and showing off trophies and awards.

Update Your Workplace With These Office Wall Art Ideas

Office wall art can bring an energizing sense of motivation and creativity to any workspace. So why not get creative and choose a piece of art that you simply can’t help but love? Consider your style preferences, the message behind the art, and the mood you want to foster in the office.

Try experimenting with adding character to your office space and show off your personality with these office wall art ideas. Get started today! 

Do you want more creative ideas? Make sure to browse our blog for more interesting reads.

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