6 Effective Tips to Gain Weight

Ideal Body Weight

Health has become the most discussed subject for some time. Normally, we perceive health as physical. When it comes to physical health, body weight is often considered as the parameter indicating a person’s overall wellbeing.

Ideal Body Weight!

The concept of IDEAL BODY WEIGHT is what our definition of health revolves around. Both over and underweight are considered to be requiring change. We often talk about the ways that can help them lose weight. However, being underweight is equally problematic as being overweight.

You must know someone who is struggling to gain weight or maybe you have gone through this. The right to begin your weight loss or weight gain is by consulting nutritionists to help you with this. However, people often go for easy solutions or we can call them shortcuts.

They aren’t only responsible for this. Nutrition and fitness have become the subject of discussion. We know that everyone has to say a word on this. Every day we hear people sharing their successful weight gain and weight loss stories or see our favourite social media influencers sharing information on these subjects.

How do weight loss and weight gain occur?

You need to be mindful that weight gain and weight loss depends upon multiple factors. However, one thing that can help you gain and lose weight is your total calorie intake. Consuming more calories than your daily required calories will ultimately result in weight gain. Contrary to that, if you consume fewer calories than your daily calorie requirement you will end up losing weight.

How to gain weight?

In case you are wondering about some of the effective tips to gain weight, here I’m sharing these for your convenience.

1- Consume more calories

Calories make all the difference in your weight loss and weight gain. As discussed earlier, consuming more calories than your daily required calories is the only way to gain weight. So the first step towards your weight gain journey should be consuming more calories than your body requires in a day. Consuming 200-300 calories above your daily required calories can be a good start towards your weight gain journey.

2- Monitor your dietary intake

The food you consume directly affects your body like weight gain and weight is all about your total calorie intake in a day. Thus, consuming more calories than your daily required ones can help you gain weight, so it is advisable to keep a record of your daily food intake. A food journal or food diary can help you to maintain the record.

3- Consume healthy high-calorie foods

No matter if you are planning to lose or gain weight, you should always focus on consuming healthy foods. Unhealthy foods such as junk or fried foods might be higher in calories but offer no health benefit and you will end up gaining more fat than weight.

Thus, it is advisable to consume foods that are calorie-dense and are healthy as well. Calorie dense meals are better because you can gain weight without eating too much. Some of the calorie-dense foods include dry fruits, potatoes, whole-grain foods, and dairy products.

4- Have frequent meals

Your meal frequency plays a crucial role in your weight gain and weight loss progress. Rather than consuming too many calories in a single meal, it is recommended to distribute your calories in multiple meals. Frequent and smaller meals are easier to digest. Thus, it is good that you increase the frequency of your meals.

5- Drink your calories

Calories are easier to drink than to eat. Yes, you got me right. It is better to drink your calories rather than eating. But drinking your calories doesn’t mean that you should start drinking sugary drinks. To drink your calories you can consume healthy smoothies and shakes that are as healthy as calorie-dense.

6- Work out

Workout isn’t only required to lose weight but it is equally important in case of weight gain as well. Depending upon how much you can take it, start working out. Begin with your favourite workout and gradually increase the intensity. Workout can help you to build muscle mass that will make you look bulky and large.

Bottom Line!

Weight gain is a common problem. Eating clean and right alongside a workout can help you gain weight safely. Thus, a recommended practice is to go to the nutritionist to find assistance that can help you move in the right direction.

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