5 Ways To Stay Healthy as a Truck Driver

5 Ways To Stay Healthy as a Truck Driver

A truck driver knows the essential trucking tools they require when on the road, but it’s important for a driver to keep their health in as good of condition as their truck. Being a truck driver entails long hours on the road, and being on the go means a trucker’s health can suffer. It’s easier to fold into habits like poor posture and eating processed food when convenience becomes a priority.

Fortunately, there are easy habits to adopt for those in it for the long haul. Explore five ways to stay healthy as a truck driver to maximize your daily comfort on the road and avoid the risk of long-term health issues from the journey.

1. Get Enough Sleep

A great risk for truckers is falling asleep behind the wheel. It’s easy to fall asleep when you’re driving at odd hours of the night, so it’s important to maintain a sleep schedule outside of working hours.

2. Avoid Poor Posture

Being behind the wheel for hours at a time can wreak havoc on your lower back. Be mindful of stretching during pitstops and investing in support equipment for your driver’s seat.

3. Maintain Hydration

It’s easy to forego hydration when you’re running on cups of joe. Staying hydrated is imperative for replenishing the body and helping you stay awake while on the road. Consider buying a canteen or reusable water bottle to keep with you for the miles ahead.

4. Wear UV Protection

An overlooked health risk of truckers is excessive sun exposure. Standard truck side windows don’t offer much protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. If you’re spending hours on the road through the summer months, you place your skin at risk of harmful sun damage. Form the habit of applying sunscreen to protect your skin on the drive.

5. Limit Caffeine Intake

Being a trucker means you must drive night and day, and this expectation leads to many truck drivers consuming high levels of caffeine. It’s acceptable to drink some caffeine to stay awake on the road, but it’s important to drink it in moderation. Regular cups of coffee, especially on the go, means you’re likely to consume more calories and sugar that will dehydrate you. Be mindful of limiting your coffee intake to two cups per day.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative for everyone to live a quality life. It’s especially important to stay healthy in a unique profession like truck driving. It’s important to practice healthy habits to avoid work interferences or long-term health issues, especially if you experience brain fog or physical discomfort as a truck driver.

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