5 Unexpected Ways People Are Using Drones

5 Unexpected Ways People Are Using Drones

Drones are evolving at great speed; they have high-definition cameras and information gathering software, and they can fly with incredible precision. People are finding new uses for these machines, and some of those may surprise you. Learn about five unexpected ways people are using drones and how they transform simple activities into something unique.

Fitness Training

It’s no secret that technology helps improve sports in many ways, from swimsuits that mimic sharkskin to virtual reality that can recreate various scenarios and weather conditions in a golf game. Drones are now finding themselves used as a vital technology in sports and fitness.

In the fitness industry, tennis enthusiasts and professionals use drones to practice their swings. A drone flies across the court, throwing balls at players from different angles and heights. For track and field training, drones can capture and take shots of runners throughout the race and gather information about speed, course, and performance.

Catching Other Drones

With so many drones out in the world and the accessibility and affordability to easily purchase them, new laws manage their use. Around restricted areas like airports or the secretive Area 51, drones fly around, catching other drones that could be flying into a dangerous or top-secret area. These drones carry a net with them and trap intruder drones similar to a spider using a web.

Fishing Skills

Fishing drones are becoming very popular, especially in rivers with fresh water. Drones can hover over the river and locate the best fish spots. They can even carry a reel that the drone manipulates to catch the fish. These are waterproof drones with unique features that will elevate your fishing game.

Underwater drones are also available now. These drones don’t fly, but they navigate underwater like a small submarine to detect and alert people of predators and other types of underwater threats.

Wildlife Preservation

Drones can get to places otherwise unreachable by people, like volcanoes, caves, oceans, and high mountains. Detecting where problems occur, like droughts, threats of mountain slides, and even volcano activity, are some of the uses of drones, and how they are now a part of research and preservation.

Animals sometimes wander outside their natural habitat and can run into dangerous situations. The more humans take over the planet, the bigger the threat to wildlife. Drones make sure that those animals stay safe by gently scaring them back to a safer place.

Food Delivery

A popular activity that is now an unexpected way people use drones is food delivery. Restaurants are now opting to use flying robots that quickly deliver your food. As this becomes more popular, it makes you wonder if the air space will get too crowded? We’ll find out soon enough!

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