5 Tips For Packing The Car For A Road Trip

road trip packing

Taking your dream adventure trip is probably one of the best feelings in the world—the joy doubles when you are to stay on the road for days with your loved ones. Saying goodbye to everyday routine and embracing the odds of the roads is something you must be looking forward to. This also means you will have to keep ready for daily needs as well as the uncertainties. The anxiety of packing up for a car road trip is a real thing. Certainly, you do not want to miss out on the essential, and yet you fear over packing and ruining the spontaneity. Finding a balance between the two aspects is the key to have a light and carefree trip. Here are 5 essential tips that will help you pack with finesse.

Try Assorting items First:

You may well begin with listing down the items you may require on a trip. You can improvise the standard packing list available on the internet. Before you even begin to pack, it is great to categorize the items under separate headings. This will not only make the packing part easier but also finding them later when in need. The more specific you are, the better it gets. You may begin with clubbing items into groups and subgroups like utensils – cooking/eating/disposables, beddings -comforters/sheets/blankets, etc. Separate each of these items in clear bags and then pack all group items in one place. This will create a designated separate space for each item. Don’t forget about nutrition and packing things like peanut butter, protein items like beef, Clif Bars, RxBar, and many more things TBH. Nobody likes HIFW they are hungry on a road trip.

Get Creative With Your Approach:

Packing your entire world in a car looks impossible? Organizing them well is the answer to it. The KonMari method is quite popular amongst people who want to take their organizing game to the next level. While the technique is amazing for decluttering your homes, you can use some guiding principles to pack and organize when you travel. Consider their basic folding method to stack your clothes. In case you are looking to invest in travelling storage items, you can think about buying packing cubes. These are multipurpose organizers that are game-changer when it comes to travel packing. For a cheaper alternative, you can buy square boxes with lids. If you plan to vacuum pack, make sure that you have enough room to hold inflated items later. Re-packing all items after the use might be a little tricky, so having some free space in your car can be nice.

Utilize Every Nook and Corner:

As a basic rule of packing, you may want to keep heavier items at the bottom and layer the lighter ones as you reach up. Accessories can add a lot of additional space without blocking space inside your car. The universal roof rack can be sturdy, high-quality equipment, that can help utilize the empty space at the top of your car to pack baggage such as your camping gear, tent, outdoor furniture, etc. that you will need only after reaching the destination. Since you can utilize the same roof rack year after year, investing in them can be a great long term investment for all your outdoorsy activities.

Prepare for the Odds

Apart from keeping the necessity item, a traveller must not ignore the importance of safety while travelling. You must be well prepared for health as well as contingencies related to the road. Apart from the basics, your first aid kit must also have medication for digestion, aches, and motion sickness. Likewise, attentively packing your car gears are important too. So, despite car running maintenance checks before travel, you may want to make room for some basic car supplies like oils, spare tires, distilled water, etc. Also, doubles check on all the tools to change tires and handle emergency breakdowns.

Cover Your Food/water Needs

If there is enough space in your car, taking a water cooler might be a great idea. You can choose a heavy-duty cooler that has enough space to fulfil the water and food storage requirements of your family. Anything that gives you insulation will help keep your food and water fresh for longer periods. In many places across Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Peru, Russia, Spain, the USA, Europe, and Singapore, you can fill tap water in your bottles. Keeping a separate reusable water bottle for each member is a cost-effective alternative that also reduces your carbon footprint.

Every time you can purchase big gallons and refill your bottles since hydration is important while travelling, having separate bottles encourages all members to drink more water. While you may want to cut down on a few things, food items are certainly those which you want to stock. Naturally, you feel hungry on the go. So, have a stock of munchies, trail mix, dried fruits, and energy bars that can provide you with sustainable energy. With kids around, it is impossible to miss out on confectionery. Take a snack container that has separate compartments to keep dried fruits, candies, cookies, granola bars, and nuts.

The Bottom Line

Even when you go list by list, there will be a few items that you may miss. While no rule of thumb can ensure perfect packing, it is more of a skill that perfects with time. Every time you are back from a trip, you will have a clearer idea of the sequencing of things you need and most importantly, what you don’t. At other times, you will learn how to sustain without some. Such are the joys and tensity of travel packing; it stretches your comfort zone and makes the whole deal more about self-discovery.

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