5 Signs You Need a New Car Battery

Signs You Need a New Car Battery

Even if your car is not involved in a car accident, your car battery can stop working without any incident.

Driving with an inactive car battery is extremely dangerous. You may not know that it is dead until you turn on the ignition. You will then be stuck in the middle of the road with no way to start the engine.

Avoid this disastrous situation by learning the signs of a dead car battery before your trip. Here are the top signs you need a new car battery.

1. If the Car Doesn’t Start at All

A car not starting at all can be indicative of a bad car battery. Generally, the car will attempt to start with a few warning signs before the battery is completely drained.

It could be a sign that the battery is weak or dead if the car does not start at all. If a car won’t start the first thing you check is if the car has a flat battery. 

2. The Engine Takes Time Turning Over

If your car’s engine takes time to turn over, it may be a sign that you need a new car battery. Over time, car batteries wear down and their performance drops, hindering the engine’s ability to start quickly.

You may be able to tell your battery is going bad if you notice strange clicking, buzzing, or whining sounds coming from your engine.

3. You Needed a Lot of Boosts Lately

If you are needing lots of boosts to jumpstart your car lately, it could be a sign that your car battery needs replacing. A weak battery can cause a car to take multiple tries to jumpstart and can indicate an issue with the battery itself.

Oftentimes, if multiple boosts are needed for the same issue, or if boosting doesn’t last for more than a few days, it could signal that a new battery is needed. A car battery jump start service is usually best equipped to detect the issue with the battery and can diagnose if a new one is necessary.

4. The Headlights Dim and Heater Motor Slows

When faced with the issue of a car’s headlights dimming and the heater motor slowing down, it is likely a sign that the car battery needs to be replaced. This could be due to age or other factors such as a worn belt or too many electrical appliances drawing power. Signs that the battery may be reaching the end of its life include dimming headlights when the engine is running, and/or the heater motor slowing.

5. If Car Accessories Does Not Work

If car accessories like auxiliary lights, radios, air conditioning, and other elements do not work, then this may be a sign that you need a new car battery. A car battery works as the central source of power within a vehicle, meaning that if the battery is faulty, none of these accessories will work properly. Battery lifespan can be affected by a variety of external factors.

Knowing the Signs You Need a New Car Battery

Your car battery is vital for starting the engine so it’s essential to look out for signs of failure. If your car is experiencing any of the common warning signs such as slow engine crank, dim headlights, or electrical issues, have your car battery tested as soon as possible.

Knowing the signs you need a new car battery can greatly help you avoid incidents. Don’t delay – get your car battery tested and replaced quickly to avoid any costly issues.

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