5 Recruiting Tips for Small Businesses

Recruiting Tips for Small Businesses

If you operate a small business, you know how challenging it is to find reliable employees. According to recent statistics, nearly half of all employees in the United States work for a small business. 

Before you start posting job listings online, it’s important to know how to find the right people to suit your business needs and goals.

Read on for a list of five recruiting tips for small businesses that will make the process easy and seamless.

1. Choose Employees with a Real Track Record

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find talented workers online. Start by scouring the web for talented people who have portfolios relating to your business.

For example, if you’re looking for an awesome web designer, look for designers who have examples of their past work posted on their website. The same goes for other types of employees, from writers and coders to graphic designers and videographers.

Not only does an online portfolio give you a glimpse into someone’s past work, but it also shows that they have a proven track record. Scour the web for people who have exhibited the type of work you’re looking for in order to help your small business grow. 

Try to find examples of those who have already done work in your specific industry. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re choosing people who are already in line with your niche.

2. Recruiting Tips: Make Expectations Clear

Too often, companies fail to make their expectations clear during the job listing or the interview. When workers don’t know exactly what their duties will be, they often end up being a “bad match” for the business.

Whether you’re writing a job listing or speaking to a potential employee, it’s imperative to set clear expectations from the beginning. Not only does this help the person decide whether the role is a good fit, but it also helps you choose the right people as a small business owner.

Make sure that you’re very clear about what you expect and what type of work the person will be doing. This helps to narrow down candidates who may determine that it’s not a great fit for them. It also helps you find people with the right attitude and experience, so everyone is happier in the long run.

3. Be Honest About Company Culture

As you post open jobs, make sure that your potential employees are aware of your company motto and culture. Maybe you enjoy casual Fridays, or perhaps you love to offer people flexible schedules or work-from-home opportunities.

When you have a clear and obvious company culture from the beginning, it sets the tone for future workers to follow. Don’t be shy about your small business and its principles and what you expect in terms of scheduling, dress, or behavior.

The key is to create a business environment where people love to come to work every day. Have an open-door policy so that people feel comfortable coming to you about their concerns.

Developing a strong, clear company culture is one of the most valuable recruiting tips of all. This ensures that every person you hire shares your beliefs and wants to be a part of the excitement as you thrive and grow.

4. Hire a Recruitment Firm

As a small business owner, you probably don’t have much free time to spend looking for new hires. Choose a reliable recruitment firm like Axiom Law to help you find the right people.

These firms specialize in helping businesses of all sizes choose the ideal employees based on their industry and other specific requirements. Before you choose a recruitment firm, make sure that you have a specific list of your requirements and your ideal candidate ready.

The firm will start searching for new potential employees for you, freeing up your time to focus on business operations. Look for a firm that’s specific to your unique business model or industry so that you’re able to choose candidates who fit your unique parameters.

5. Consider a Working Interview or Short-Term Contract

In many cases, small business owners hire someone who isn’t a good fit. Perhaps the person only lasts a month, or maybe they end up quitting unannounced and you’re left with yet another empty slot to fill.

A good way to prevent this from happening is to try out a “working interview.” This process involves having candidates come into your office and work beside you as they train. It’s a good way to gauge their experience and their personalities in person before you make a decision.

If you don’t have time to do working interviews, a short-term contract is another good option. This contract allows the person to work for you for a set amount of time. If you both decide that you’re a great fit for each other, you can then offer permanent employment.

Both of these hiring tips can save you time, money, and major headaches. It’s also a great way for both you and your potential employee to test the waters before they make a commitment.

Find Your Perfect Employees Today

Remember these five recruiting tips to help you find the right people for your small business. With some patience, creativity, and a little bit of help, you can select candidates who will be an amazing fit for your company. These new employees will also become assets to your business over time.

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