5 Interesting Facts About Lights Everyone Needs to Know ASAP

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Did you know that around 11% of adults are still afraid of the dark?

Even if you’re not among this group, no one can deny the comfort and joy light brings to all of us. Whether it’s giving us the ability to see in the dark or grow the food we eat, life on earth would cease to exist without light.

Are you ready to learn some cool facts about light? Keep reading for 5 interesting facts about light that will change your perspective.

1. Switching to LED Lightbulbs Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars Each Year

If you read this guide on light bulb base sizes and other important facts about LED lights, you’ll learn how switching to LED can save people $100 per lightbulb each year. Who knew such a simple task could make such a big impact on your energy bills?

2. Blue Street Lights Can Prevent More Crimes and Deaths

In a strange report, some countries that have made the switch to blue traffic lights saw a reduced rate in crimes and suicides. Although researchers don’t have enough evidence to make a conclusion, some people believe that blue light deters crime because of its association with police. Blue light can also be perceived as a calming color for many, which may explain the reduced death rates.

3. The Mantis Shrimp Can See the Most Colors Thanks to Their Light-Sensitive Eyes

Most animals, including humans, only have 3 color receptors in their eyes. For some unknown reason, the mantis shrimp is born with 12 color receptors, which means they can process light in a wildly different way than us. Can you imagine what it would be like to start seeing thousands of more colors based on the different levels of light hitting your eyes?

4. Only a Tiny Fraction of Light in the Universe Is Visible

Even if humans had 12 color receptors like mantis shrimp, our eyes would still be able to detect the tiniest amount of light. According to scientists, visible light only makes up 0.0035% of the amount of light that’s in the universe. Other types of light we can’t see include gamma rays, radio waves, and so much more.

5. Streetlights May Become a Thing of the Past

With growing concerns over global warming and environmental crises, scientists and creative thinkers are brainstorming all kinds of unique ways to cut our carbon footprint. One of the most fascinating facts about light is that streetlights may be replaced by grow-in-the-dark trees. Thanks to a bioluminescent jellyfish, their enzymes may pave the way to create trees that can keep streets safe at night without requiring any energy. 

Now You Know the Most Interesting Facts about Light

With all of these amazing facts about light, it’s easy to understand why so many people are fascinated by the balance of light and darkness in the universe.

Did any of these interesting facts about light blow your mind? Leave us a comment to let us know which fact was your favorite or let us know a new fact that wasn’t included in this list.

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