5 Expert Tips For Packing Wine Bottles In Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

Wine is a popular product. It is consumed by people across the globe. Many manufacturers are producing unique wines. Wine bottles are sensitive and these have to be kept secure at all costs. This is especially so when they have to be shipped. If the bottle breaks it will lead to all the wine leaking and getting wasted. The business gets a bad image and is a loss of business as the product will probably be returned. Therefore, it is important to know how to effectively package wine bottles in cardboard boxes when they need to be shipped.

Interesting facts about shipping boxes

Shipping boxes for any product have to be strong. They will encounter different pressures which they need to handle well. The box is used to keep the product inside secure from any harm. The material that they should be made from has to be carefully chosen.

Sensitive products like wine bottles need extra protection. They have to follow procedures if you want them to remain in one piece.

The following are 5 expert tips when it comes to packaging wine bottles inside shipping boxes.

Filler materials

The bottles for wine are usually made from glass. As everyone knows, this can easily break. Therefore, extra protection is required here. It is a good idea to employ padded wrapping along with void fill materials.

You have to try and make the bottles remain as stationary as possible at the time of transit. If they do not move much then the likelihood of getting harmed will be reduced.

There are a variety of shipping materials that can be gotten for packaging the wine when it has to be shipped. Know of these and use them.

You can get cardboard dividers that can fit comfortably around your bottles. These are cost-effective in nature and strength. Bubble wrap tends to be another option to try out. This can be used for wine that is expensive and requires much protection.

Recyclable along with biodegradable air pillows can be gotten. These are environmentally friendly. They can be reused as well. They will not add to causing pollution.

Dunnage airbags can be used to stop huge shipments from bumping with cargo when they are being transported.

You have to choose the correct wine packaging along with void fill materials if you want to make sure that the product remains safe.

Choose custom boxes

A wine box for shipping should be a custom one. These boxes can be made according to how you want them. You can get them the right size, of strong material, etc. Corrugated cardboard wine boxes for instance are preferred as these are strong.

Choosing a custom box is helpful with wine bottles that are unique in shape have to be shipped. They can be printed to look attractive and draw the eyes of people.

Know the wine’s specifications and features

You need to know the particular needs of the wine before deciding to ship it. There are ones that possess night-and-day differences particularly from one another. You should keep this point in mind when needing to ship the merchandise.

Some wine must be shipped in a standing up position. The reason is so that threat of leaks gets limited. But older wines have gone much time by lying on the side. For these, it is better to keep them as they are when shipment occurs. This limits disturbance occurring to them.

There are some which are more sensitive when it comes to temperature and light in comparison to others. They should likewise be protected. Sparkling wines usually possess more exposed cork. They may need more sensitive handling.

Labeling matters

When it comes to wine packaging you have to label the wine carefully. Some manufacturers forget to place the “Fragile” label on the wine. When this sticker is inserted handlers will know that it requires more care.

If the wine has to be refrigerated then add temperature labels on it. There are directional labels as well. These state the right way to store the wine.

Some carriers need a special ability that has to be added to a package that has alcoholic beverages. Know the rules and follow them.

Laws and regulations concerning shipping

There are some regulations present when the alcoholic beverage has to be shipped. It is important you research what these are and carefully follow them. Find out what the laws are in the area you stay and where the product needs to be shipped to.

It is necessary to also find out what the particular regulations of the carrier are. They may have some rules which users need to follow when the wine has to be shipped.

There are even laws concerning duties and taxes which have to be paid at the time that wine needs to be shipped. Check them out often in case they have changed. The current international laws present when the merchandise has to be shipped to some other country must be researched.

When laws are not followed or not known it can delay the shipping process. This impacts business and is a headache for the manufacturer. It is, therefore, better to know these and follow them.

When wanting to ship wine, choose a strong box-like corrugated cardboard wine box. These will make sure that the box remains in one shape. If the material is weak the box can break and harm the sensitive bottles inside. The right size box must be gotten that is not too big. The movement of the bottles has to be reduced. The size must be sufficient to allow filler material to be easily placed within. After this choose a good filler material suited to your item. It will give the wine further protection which it desperately requires. Design the box well so that it attracts and people can get to know about your brand. State all information on packaging allowing it to be handled carefully.

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