5 Bathroom Renovations Ideas for Your Home

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Bathroom renovations are one of the most significant projects in most homes. A renovation means that you can change your entire style or theme for any room, but bathroom renovations often involve several difficulties not found in other rooms. Some of these include plumbing problems with water and electricity, difficult electrical positioning with switches and plugs, heavy material handling with fixtures like sinks, and wet work that requires a lot of prepping to ensure cleanliness. Despite these challenges, bathroom renovations often include both practical and aesthetic improvements to be an enriching experience for homeowners.

1. Replace old, leaky fixtures

One of the best renovations that you can perform is replacing your old leaking faucets and other water fixtures. In most cases, these items are well past their prime and will not last much longer without a problem. The issue with waiting to replace these items is that they introduce mineral deposits into your lines, which can cause more problems down the road. You might want to consider a drain cleaning tool to start.

While leaky faucets are an obvious sign that your fixtures need to be changed, you should also look for leaks under your sink or around the base of the toilet, as well as rust on metal fixture components. These can all indicate problems with your plumbing system that needs immediate attention. By replacing these items now, you will save thousands of dollars in water damage over time and ensure a healthy environment within your home.

2. Update materials and design trends

Another crucial element to consider during bathroom renovations is updating materials and design trends. More importantly than simply following modern styles, you should assess what types of features and designs will best suit both the aesthetic and practical elements of this room within your home.

For example, a common material for bathroom fixtures is ceramic, which can look beautiful during a renovation project but may be costly to clean and require high-maintenance upkeep in the future. Depending on your lifestyle and who will live in the space, you might be better off with more suitable materials such as stainless steel or porcelain tile. These can provide durability and visual interest without putting too much work on whoever lives in the household TBH. Furthermore, many of these materials are now designed to have less resistance from mineral deposits via surface finishes or coatings that resist soap scum.

3. Install a shower enclosure

If your current bathtub looks extraordinarily outdated and does not seem worth repairing, consider replacing it with a walk-in shower enclosure. This is a great way to update the room’s look while increasing the functionality for whoever uses it on a day-to-day basis.

The installation process for this renovation can be complicated if you have not done it before. Still, it is usually simple enough that most homeowners can do it themselves with some assistance from an experienced professional. It is generally a good idea to install a tile or stone shower floor for increased durability, then add textured walls that resist water and mildew growth over time.

4. Update the lighting

Another crucial aspect of your bathroom renovation is updating the lighting fixtures. This can be a simple task if you have basic electrical knowledge and wiring skills, but it can be difficult if you have never performed this type of work before. Generally speaking, the best way to update your lighting is with a combination of recessed lights and pendant or overhead fixtures.

In most cases, recessed lights should be installed in locations where they will provide maximum task lighting for those who need to use the mirror area of the bathroom. In contrast, pendants or chandeliers can offer more general lighting that brightens up the entire room.

5. Update the flooring

The last important aspect of any bathroom renovation project is updating your flooring. Tile and stone surfaces are popular options for homeowners with updated fixtures, but carpeting may be preferred by some who desire a softer flooring surface for the room.

Just like updating lighting, replacing your bathroom flooring can be done by those with little to no electrical expertise if they have an experienced professional install the new material. Most homeowners will want to opt for tile or stone since this material is ideal for maintaining cleanliness and sturdiness within the bathroom.

In conclusion

Bathroom renovations can be a great way to update this often-overlooked room of your home. Many homeowners update their bathrooms at least once every decade, so now is the time to consider these five bathroom renovations ideas for transforming this area into an aesthetically pleasing and functional space within your home.

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