4 Top Things You Can Donate for Charity

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Every year, Americans give an estimated $410 billion to charity.

Are you trying to decide how to donate for charity? Money isn’t the only way that you can make a difference. 

In this article, we’ll look at a few alternative things you can give to make a big impact! You’ll definitely feel great when you donate in one of these ways.

1. Donate Your Good Quality Clothing

Do you have old purses, shoes, or beautiful pieces of clothing in your closet that simply don’t bring you joy anymore?

Why not put them to good use and give them to charity? You will find that your repurposed clothes will not only make money for your chosen charity but will bring joy to someone else!

If you recently got married, why not donate your wedding outfit? People spend an average of $1,000 on brand new wedding dresses. For those who can’t afford these prices, a second-hand dress is a lifeline.

2. Donate Long-Life Foodstuffs 

Food banks are sadly becoming more and more prevalent around the world. Many people have to rely on the donations of others to feed their families. 

Just make sure you’re donating products that have a very long shelf life. For example, long-lasting milk, tinned vegetables, pulses, and fruit, nut butters, cereals, soups, or tinned meat.

Look for your local food pantries or food rescue programs. These are all community-based and you may consider giving a few hours of your time to help out too.

3. Donate Your Free Time

Are you looking for a purpose in your life? You should try volunteering for your favorite charity. It’s been proven that donating our time makes us feel fulfilled and happier. 

It’s likely that you feel good as you are socializing, staying active, and learning new skills. You’ll also gain confidence! 

But, better yet, you’re making a huge difference in someone else’s life. Is there anything better than that?

4. Donate Your Junk Car

Are you planning on buying a new car? Instead of sending your old car to the scrapyard, why not donate it to charity?

This is one of the best ways that you can donate. It doesn’t cost you a lot of money but it does change lives.

Start by choosing the charity you want to donate to. Then, speak to them about the process of donating your car. 

But, be wary as there are many stumbling blocks. Check out this article to ensure you get a tax write off when you donate junk car.

What Will You Donate for Charity?

If you want to find purpose in your life, make the world a better place, and improve other people’s lives, there’s no simpler way to do this than to donate for charity.

If you don’t have much time to give, try donating some of your old, yet good-quality possessions. Alternatively, sending a cheque will make a huge difference too! 

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