4 Benefits of Having Your Dog’s Ears Cleaned

4 Benefits of Having Your Dog’s Ears Cleaned

One of the distinctive features that people associate with dogs is their ears. But like every part of your beloved pet’s body, they need cleaning. Learn the four benefits of having your dog’s ears cleaned and how it’s beneficial to their health.

Cleaning Helps Their Hearing

Dogs have a reputation for incredible hearing, but if their ears get too dirty, it can hurt their ability to hear. That’s one reason your fur baby shouldn’t miss their appointment with a dog groomer. Afterward, your pooch will be able to hear you when you say it’s time for a treat and respond with the appropriate enthusiasm.

It Prevents Infection

Another benefit of having your dog’s ears cleaned is that it prevents ear infections. When your four-legged friend has an excess amount of dirt and wax in their ear, they can develop an infection. This can cause them a tremendous amount of discomfort. After having their ears cleaned, your dog will be less likely to have such an issue.

Cleaning Gets Rid of Parasites

When a groomer cleans your dog’s ears, they may also remove living things that make their way into your canine’s ears, including ear mites, which are parasites. The mites dine on the wax and oils in the canals.

The mites can result in your favorite furry friend experiencing an infection and discomfort that causes them to shake their head or scratch or rub their ears. Although they’re hard to see, your groomer should be able to get rid of them.

It Can Remove Trapped Water

If your dog is shaking their head or rubbing their ears after they have had a bath or gone for a swim, there’s a chance that they have water in their ear. Unfortunately, the water stuck in their ear canal can also result in an infection since it can help bacteria and yeast grow. But cleaning can again provide them with relief.

These benefits make having your dog’s ears cleaned a priority. Ensure they don’t miss their grooming dates so that they have healthy, clean ears that can hear every loving word you say to them.

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