3 Must-Know Safety Challenges for Construction Workers

3 Must-Know Safety Challenges for Construction Workers

Construction workers build, maintain, and repair infrastructure. This massive industry helps create housing, bridges, hospitals, facilities in public spaces, and so much more. On-site construction workers face many hazards that make this job more dangerous than most; read on to find out three must-know safety challenges for construction workers.

1. Lowered Awareness of Danger

One of the most challenging aspects of keeping the construction worksite safe is remaining alert and aware of dangers and hazards. Responsible and well-managed construction sites always prioritize safety. But when it comes to common, day-to-day tasks, it’s easy to put yourself on autopilot and not stay vigilant regarding risks.

There are many ways to combat the problem of lowered alertness. One of the best ways is for workers to wear high-visibility clothes, which are one important type of personal protective equipment. Hi-vis clothes call attention to the wearer’s presence and movement, helping to reduce the chance of accidents and improving overall safety.

2. Improper Equipment Use

Whether you’re using heavy, moving machinery or specialized tools, improper equipment use endangers the operator and anyone in the area around the equipment. Operators need to maintain a high degree of situational awareness to avoid collisions and other accidents.

Using equipment correctly also depends on the equipment’s maintenance. Trained workers should use their knowledge and additional resources, such as checklists, to complete thorough pre-shift inspections. Retrain workers periodically to ensure everyone stays up to date on best practices.

3. Rushed Work

Another must-know safety challenge for construction workers is rushing to complete a job. Whether you’re working a straightforward job in ideal conditions or doing a difficult task, hurrying can put you on the fast track to injury. Training workers in practical ways to avoid rushing is one component of minimizing risk.

Any project managers responsible for maintaining worksite schedules should use the necessary tools to accurately track construction crew time, understand workers’ availability, and match workers’ skills with the tasks at hand. Proper management will help smooth the workflow and avoid creating situations that incentivize workers to hurry.

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