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History Of

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Jeff Bezos coined the term from the earlier name It was the excellent way to present large volume online bookstore. But did he have hidden intentions? It is hard to believe but in the early Internet days, when Yahoo was dominant search engine, results were listed alphabetically. Amazon would always appear above its competition for a specific keywords. This could be a breaking point for Jeff to expand and became what it is today. To addition of many other things he did right.

Deep Web Facts

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The Deep Web, often called the Hidden Web, Dark Web or Invisible Web, is a part of the Internet that is not indexed by regular search engines and often not reachable using ordinary web browsers you use on a daily basis, but additional software is required to run on your computer in order to be able to access it. It is the home of illegal, or partly legal stuff. You can find anything in the deep web, from illegal porn and drug dealers to assassins willing to kill anyone you want, for a reasonable price. You can also watch live shows where people kill someone for money. On most occasions these shows are free to watch while “director” of the show pays the price and orders how person will be tortured/killed (usually young women). These chilling facts are so disturbing considering that some of these shows work on hourly basis. Meaning each hour someone is tortured while hundreds of people watch free of charge. “Director” pays any price from $1000 to $5000 and it is charged more if there are any unusual requests during the show.

Animal cruelty is probably the most demanded freak show on the dark web. Show called “crush porn” has its own forum and large member database. It is extreme cruelty show where naked women crush small animals with their genitals (usually breasts) during the bizarre sex show. Animals such as rabbits, hamsters are the ones that are mostly used in these god forbidden acts. U.S. government has taken action against these cruel individuals and together with Silk Road website (drug trade) they have taken down dozen actresses and directors of these live shows.

Why would anyone want to access it anyway, you may ask? Well, not everything in the deep web is necessarily illegal. Sometimes people just want privacy or desire to hide their (legal) activities from other people and the Government. There is a banned books library, fake ID services for almost any country in the world and many other services that we do not feel naming in this article. Almost any deep web software will, besides access to the deep web, give you full anonymity online too. One of the most known websites that was constantly accessible in the deep web was Wikileaks.

It is assumed that vast majority of content on the Internet is buried in the deep web. One of the most known tools to access deep web is Tor project. It allows you to connect to the Internet through other Tor users’ computers, giving you full anonymity online. However, dark web security experts laugh at the notion that Tor is all you need to protect yourself. With emerging crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, deep web now has monetary anonymity.  Our world has reached another level of wickedness and most of us can’t even imagine, not even in the worst nightmares, how heinous it can be.

Facebook Privacy Facts

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One of the major points that Facebook scored over all of the other social networking sites, at least initially, was its stringent in privacy settings that gave you a sense of security and safety regarding the contents of your profile on Facebook. However, with the advent of Twitter and other such sites, Facebook might be in a mood to keep up with the growth of its competitors – and this might be why now Facebook content is easily accessible to strangers and gone are the days when you had a sense of privacy that only you and your exclusive friends shared on the network.

Firefox Facts

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All over the world, the net users are familiar with Mozilla Firefox, a free and open source web browser. It came from Mozilla Application Suite managed by Mozilla Corporation, formed originally by Netscape Communications (AOL Corporation). In the beginning the company faced financial problems but soon the problem got resolved through donations and deals with Google and other search engines. Once Mozilla was established they decided to split the foundation in two. One is the Mozilla Foundation dealing with non-profit organization (donations from Firefox community) and other is Mozilla Corporation dealing with profits from search engines. In 2010, Mozilla’s revenue was $123 million, with $103 million that came from Google (to be default search in Firefox). Till date Firefox is the second most used web browser with 30% of usage share of web browsers. In 2008 Firefox made a Guinness Record of more than eight million downloads of the Firefox 3 version on the same day when it was released. People worldwide accepted the Firefox 12.0 version and waits for more to come. The project had to change its names many times due to trademark issues, birth name being ‘Phoenix’ was changed to ‘Firebird’ but finally on February 9, 2004 it was renamed to ‘Mozilla Firefox’. Firefox is number one choice for web developers because of its powerful extension directory and debug capabilities.

Skype Facts

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Skype is a medium of voice communication which can be used with the aid of the Internet. Skype has been designed based on the Kazaa file sharing program. The headquarters of Skype is in Luxembourg and France. It also has offices in many other parts of Europe, Asia as well as the United States of America. In October 2005, Skype was taken over by eBay. There are two main kinds of machines which will be used as a part of the Skype network. One is known as the ordinary host or the Skype client while the other is the super node or SN. Any normal person who is making use of Skype will be considered as an ordinary host which has been connected to the super node. These super nodes are the names which have been given to the various servers of Skype which can be found in many different parts of the world. However the Skype client should also be aware of the server to which the connection needs to be established. Every Skype client will have a table which will contain the IP addresses and port numbers of all the super nodes which are available. This is also known as the host cache and it will be found in the windows registry of the Skype client. Every time, a user logs into Skype from his computer, the data from the host cache will be read first and the first IP port will be selected. Then the Skype client will connect to that super node. It is not possible to conduct a trace of a Skype client very easily. However if a policeman or a law enforcement officer has managed to obtain a court order then the people working at Skype will be forced to reveal details which can be obtained from their logs starting from the name and address of the user to the time at which the call has been made. A lot of people decide to make use of vouchers in order to make Skype payments. But some people will provide a false name and address when they are making these voucher payments on Skype. But these false names and addresses will definitely appear on the Skype logs. It is also possible for law enforcement people to obtain a court order and ask the Internet service provider to provide the name and address of the specific person who is being investigated. It is not possible to trace a Skype user who has provided a false name and address in order to create a Skype id and paid using a voucher. He/she can make a Skype call from an Internet cafe which has the facility of Wi-Fi. There is no method of tracing the original user of the Skype id when the call has been made in this manner. More than one billion people have downloaded Skype onto their computers during the year 2008 and now Skype has become one of the most popular software applications which is being used by people all over the world.  Update: Skype was bought in 2011 by Microsoft Corporation for staggering $8.5 billion. It is hard to see the possible return on investment since new technologies are emerging like Viber. To make things even worse, Microsoft had to invest millions in re-modeling shady programming structure that Skype had in place at the time of purchase. So why purchase? Mostly because Google and Facebook wanted piece of this software. Some conspiracy theories involve such ideas such as that Skype is used as spying tool for U.S. government and other corporations willing to invest in such endeavour.

Google Pagerank Facts

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Here are some facts about page ranks that a webmaster should keep in mind. The sites do not have a page rank, pages have. PageRank to some level is link referral program. The page “A” ranks higher when it gets referred by another page “B”, however just the number of referrals or links is not enough for a page to rank high. The rank of “B” site which refers user to site “A”, is also important in determining the rank of site “A”. To check the PR of a page, download Google toolbar or use Firefox plugin. PageRank is bit outdated Google technology. Today Google uses advanced algorithms in order to produce search results. Formula calculates many variables such: Keyword Usage Score, Domain Strength, Content Quality Score, User Data and Inbound Links. However, webmasters around the world still compete for good PageRank since it represents popularity of your page. PageRank is trademark of Google, but true patent owner of PageRank is Stanford University. Google has exclusive license rights to use PageRank. The cost of this right was 1.8 million shares of Google ($336 million in 2005). PageRank has been dropped by Google, but it still has certain sentimental value to old school developers.

Google Quantum Algorithm

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Several reports suggest that in the past three years (article written in 2009) Google has developed a quantum algorithm that is capable of automatically recognizing and sorting objects from videos or still images. This has been achieved by using physics that exists at the subatomic level. Several research teams have been working on the development of quantum processors that can store data as quantum bits. These qbits represent both the 0 and 1 that are used in the binary computer language simultaneously. That dual possibility state allows for much more efficient processing and information storage. To consider an example given by Google, an average computer requires 500,000 peeks to find a particular object hidden in one of a million drawers on an average. But such a quantum computer could locate the position the ball by just peeking into 1000 out of the million drawers.

Twitter Facts

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Twitter is a micro-blogging social network service which allows users to share not-so-important things in their life by answering a simple question: “What are you doing?” Answers to this question are organized in a short messages called Tweets, length is limited to 140 characters. The good thing about Twitter, there is no “noise” created by boring people since “friendships” are not mutual – you can “follow” interesting people while they don’t have to follow you. In February 2009, Twitter had a monthly growth (of users) of over 1300 percent – several times more than Facebook. Twitter made huge success from the mobile device users (in 2009 there was 735,000 unique mobile visitors).

Internet Addiction Facts

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Are you addicted to your online connection? Are you one of those crazy folks that can’t wait to read the email with your morning coffee? Doctors are calling it serious addiction combined with: Cybersexual Addiction, Computer Addiction and Cyber-Relational Addiction. They even managed to stamp the cool names for it, like Internet Addictive Disorder (IAD) or the Internet Overuse Syndrome (IOS). Based on the latest research and simple human reasoning. Internet addiction should not be labeled as addiction like gambling or drug addiction. There should be a strict line that distances other addictions from the “internet addiction”. Staying in touch with your friends or watching funny YouTube videos is not a destructive behavior which usually characterizes major addictions. If you gamble on the internet then you are not addicted to the internet, but online gambling. Internet is a wonderful tool, but like everything else in this Universe there is the sunny side and the dark side of the pyramid of life. Stay Positive!

Facebook Facts

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Facebook was originally named TheFaceBook and it was developed by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. The first use of the FaceBook was on the Harvard campus and it was limited only to Harvard students. Soon the FaceBook spread like wild fire around the other major U.S. Universities. Mark Zuckerberg dropped the Harvard and pursued his facebook dream to become one of the 4th most-trafficked websites in the world with more than 90 million active users. The FaceBook website is built on PHP-MySQL technology and it is probably the most popular PHP website ever built. Interesting fact is that the domain was purchased for $200,000 and FaceBook has more than 24 million photos uploaded daily.


Myspace Facts

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MySpace was founded by former Friendster members Chris Dewolfe and Tom Anderson in 2003. They saw opportunity to beat Friendster with more options and less restrictions for social network users. MySpace was purchased in 2005 for $580 million by Rupert Murdoch creator of a media empire that includes 20th Century Fox and the Fox television stations. MySpace has more than 40 billion page views a month. Google paid $900 million to be MySpace’s search provider. MySpace runs on Microsoft .NET Framework, operating under Windows 2003 server and applications written in C# for ASP.NET.

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