Will We Soon Eat Cow-Less And Plant Based Meats?

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Time will tell, but yes it turns out that researchers are well on their way to providing consumers with plant based meat. The discussion about population growth and the effect on calorie consumption with more people and more wealth certainly highlights some of the most interesting facts about hamburgers. Some people simply feel that we need to shift away from raising and eating animals as much as we do.

Plant based meats appear to have the upper hand right now over lab based meats. The lab based meats have not yet shown the facts on how they are clearly better for the environment than regular meats are in terms of emissions, etc. Plant based meats have shown this.

A few startups are working diligently to get plant based meats in the hands of consumers. They are mentioned here in this article on innovations for 2019 in the MIT Technology Review.

Beyond Meat is one such startup that is already gaining some traction. The company is going public in 2019.

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