Why Use Natural Gas Instead of Coal

Why Use Natural Gas Instead of Coal

For the last several decades, coal has been the world’s primary natural resource. We have recently seen the impact and effect of climate change due to using elements like this, and it would be wise to reform. Other natural resources—such as natural gas—have so much to provide while taking very little in return. Read on to discover why we use natural gas instead of coal to fuel the planet.

Different Pollution Percentages

While it’s hard to go completely green without sacrifice, using natural gas as a main natural resource is taking our planet in the right direction. The overall emissions that are made from fracking gas versus digging for coal are significantly reduced—at 50-60 percent less carbon dioxide than coal, to be exact. And there’s 15-20 percent less greenhouse gas trapped with natural gas compared to something like gasoline.

The Health Advantage

Studies have proven that with less greenhouse emissions comes the reduction of medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis by the hundreds of thousands. That’s quite the wake-up call.

Environmental Concern

Drilling for natural gas may not be a perfect solution to the environment—however, compared to drilling and digging for coal, it’s significantly improving the way we operate on this planet. As of right now, coal mining is leaving us with irreparable deforestation, pollution of water quality, and ruinous landscapes.

So, as we can tell, natural gas greatly outweighs what coal can provide. There is no reason why we should ever have to use coal. We should continue to research and discover even better ways to run the world on environmentally friendly resources, but until then, natural gas will have to suffice. So, these are just a few solid reasons why we use gas instead of coal to help save the planet and ourselves.

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