Why a Better Work-Life Balance Is Important

After many of us had a taste of a much better work-life balance during the pandemic, the resistance to go back to how things were before is high.

People now know what it is like to cut out a hefty, unpleasant commute, not having a micromanager breathing down their neck every three minutes, or feeling like they have to sacrifice their lunch break for a team-building exercise.

Now, bigger boundaries have been enforced, and plenty of us are reluctant to give those back up in the face of everything getting back to normal, where normal is code for a nightmare we did not realize we were living in.

This piece will discuss why a work-life balance is important and how you can keep a better balance wherever you are.

What Exactly Is a Work-Life Balance?

A work-life balance is essentially mastering the art of balancing all of the personal parts of life with working. Of course, there will be different balances for each individual person, and that will depend on a few things such as if you have family close by, experience an illness and need to take care of your health, really love your job, or if you are working to support a hobby you want to build up. These are just a few examples of what might alter how someone sees a work-life balance and why. It will ultimately boil down to the individual person.

Work-life balance is important so we get a well-rounded experience in life, but it is more crucial to be doing the things we love and care about the most while we have time. If you end up using all of your time to do something that makes you unhappy, it might not be long before it catches up with you. While you might not have a choice, what you can do is take steps to make sure other areas of your life are being fulfilled.

What Are the Risks of Being Unbalanced?

Those who do not have a happy work-life balance are more likely to experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. There is also an increased risk of serious physical issues too, such as a stroke or high blood pressure.

If you are living an unbalanced life, you might find that all you can do is think about work. This can be particularly difficult for freelancers or those that work from home, as people essentially end up living at work rather than working from home. A helpful tip here is to separate the space. Hire a hot desk from The Brew and use it as your office space, so when you are there, you are working, and when you are home, it is personal time!

You might find that your personal relationships suffer if you have an unbalanced work life as well, and other issues such as only being driven by work, losing interest in other activities, and allowing a job to define who you are can also be very detrimental.

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