Where To Check for Mold in Your Home During the Summer

Where To Check for Mold in Your Home During the Summer

Don’t let the thought of mold spoil your summer fun. While the summer months can be prone to mold growth, you can catch mold growth early if you know the right places to look. When you catch mold early, you can address it efficiently and easily with just a few home remedies. Keep reading to discover where to check for mold in your home during the summer.

In the Bathroom

Mold buildup is common in the bathroom no matter what time of year it is. This is because of the humidity that builds up in the bathroom from hot water. Mold can also grow due to plumbing leaks, which are very common in your bathroom shower, toilet, and sink fixtures. Make sure to keep an eye on your bathroom plumbing and humidity throughout the year.


Summer means humid conditions for many areas. Spring may be known as the rainy season, but the humid and warm summer conditions that continue into summer make for a season of high mold growth as well. While opening your windows on a beautiful day is perfect for letting fresh air in, don’t forget to close them when it rains. When your windowsills collect moisture from rain or condensation on the inside of the window, mold may start to grow along the seal or in the cracks. Make sure to inspect your windowsills every time you open them during the summer.

Your HVAC Unit

You might think of your HVAC unit as an unexpected place to find mold. Mold collecting in your HVAC unit can be especially dangerous, as it offers mold spores a pathway to travel throughout your home. After the rainy spring season, schedule an inspection for your HVAC unit to make sure it’s clear of mold spores going into the summer. Running your air conditioner during the summer is a necessity for battling the heat, but it can also help keep air moving and promotes ideal ventilation. The cooler temperatures from the A/C will also prevent mold growth in your ventilation.

In Hard-to-Reach Places

Our homes are full of hard-to-reach places where mold tends to grow. For example, mold growth is common in attics and crawl spaces, which can be harder to monitor. The humid and hot conditions in the summer can make these tight spaces prime for mold growth. To make sure you avoid mold growth going into the summer season, it’s recommended to call a professional for a mold inspection in these hard-to-reach areas.

Don’t get caught off guard by mold growth overrunning your home this upcoming season—remember where to check for mold in your home during the summer months.

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