What To Know Before Entering Your Family in a 5K

What To Know Before Entering Your Family in a 5K

When you have a family and want to be active, you turn to outside activities. You play catch, swim in the pool, or take the dog for a walk. You may also consider running a 5K. You might have experience with running, but doing a race like this with your family can be quite different. Here’s what to know before entering your family in a 5K.

Lower Expectations

The first thing that you need to do is lower your expectations. You think you know your family’s ability levels. But they can be incredibly different you actually get out there. There are lots of factors involved, and you don’t want to leave your kids behind while you run toward the finish line. Sure, you can push them a little, but you must also understand their boundaries. This way, the whole family can have fun instead of becoming frustrated with each other.

Prep Beforehand

Races come in all shapes and sizes, and there can be city 5Ks where there are clear directions of where to go and available snacks and food along the way. Alternatively, there can be more grassroots 5Ks with less planning and amenities. So bring your own snacks and water and use the restroom beforehand because some races don’t have portable bathrooms. If there are facilities, take advantage of them. You may have some misconceptions about portable restrooms, but you shouldn’t be afraid to use them. Portable bathrooms are necessary for lots of events, environmentally friendly, and sanitary.

You Should Train

Another important prep strategy you need to implement before the race is some training. You and your family may be active, but you must do some specific training for the race coming up. Proper training means doing some conditioning through warm-up runs and walks, but some strength training will also help. Planks, crab walks, and push-ups are excellent exercises that boost everyone’s muscle mass and increase their flexibility. Doing them can help you run for longer and better avoid cramps that cut your racing short.

This was what to know before entering your family in a 5K. Even if you want everyone to get to the finish line or be the fastest ones there, remember that it’s all about fun. This race should be an enjoyable family bonding activity. You can still take it seriously and train, prep beforehand, and set goals, but it’s also okay if things don’t turn out how you want them to. Make sure to have fun and stay safe.

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