What To Know Before Becoming a Flight Attendant

What To Know Before Becoming a Flight Attendant

Many people shy away from becoming a flight attendant because they believe the requirements exceed what they can do. However, it is not that difficult to qualify for this seemingly elusive job. You just need to prepare. If you have found yourself interested in being a flight attendant, then keep on reading. Here is your go-to guide on what to know before becoming a flight attendant.

First Aid Training

The profession of a flight attendant is one of the top non-medical jobs that require CPR training. Most airlines require everyone on their crew to have a First Aid certification and a CPR certification. It seems obvious why, but when you are thousands of feet in the air, anything can happen, and it might fall on you to provide First Aid to a guest. Moreover, if you already have these certifications on your resume when applying, it may give you an advantage over other applicants.

Expectation vs. Reality

With its jet-setting appeal, the life of a flight attendant advertises itself as glamorous. While there are some realities to the excitement and benefits of this job, every rose has its thorn; this is what to know before becoming a flight attendant. Like any job, the airline industry has a totem pole, which means you will have to work to achieve certain benefits. When you first begin, you should prepare yourself for the realities of working holidays, weekends, and long nights.

Rigorous Preparation

Many of us can tell that the preparation process for becoming a flight attendant is quite rigorous. Those in charge of hiring you will have you under a microscope, observing your every move. Even when you are in training, you are still only in the second round of the hiring process. Therefore, your job is not secure. During this time, you should take extra care to pay attention, look neatly groomed, and try your best.

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