What To Know About the Different Types of Backpacks

What To Know About the Different Types of Backpacks

There is no item more ubiquitous on a college campus or on school grounds than the backpack. It’s the most convenient object for transporting books, notes, and other supplies.

But there are many different types of backpacks used outside of educational facilities. Here is what to know about the different types of backpacks out there.


A daypack is very similar to a traditional backpack. This type is closest to the one you probably wore in school, and the terms ”daypack” and “backpack” are interchangeable.

Sizes range from small to medium for portability. Their compact design makes them ideal for daily use at work and school. These backpacks are great for any age group because of their versatility.


This backpack has European origins but remains consistent with other backpack designs. The name derives from combining “der rücken,” a German phrase that translates to “the back,” and “sack,” which means “bag.”

Even though the rucksack is like a traditional backpack, it often contains more outer pockets and a buckle flap to distinguish it from other designs. The extra pockets provide more storage options to maximize backpack space on the inside.

Satchel Backpack

Satchel backpacks feature the functionality of a backpack with the aesthetic characteristics of a satchel. Always made with leather, satchel backpacks come in many different colors.

They have a front pocket with a double-buckled top flap, so it closes securely. Companies generally market these types of bags to business professionals who use them in an office environment. However, they work as perfect laptop bags for remote workers who frequent coffee shops.


Typically made from weatherproof materials like canvas, knapsacks are an excellent choice for the outdoors. Consumers used the term knapsack frequently before the word “backpack” became dominant in the middle of the 20th century. Knapsacks usually feature a flap opening with a drawstring.


The randoseru is a firm type of backpack most popular among schoolchildren in Japan. There is some debate about where the term randoseru originates.

People generally agree that it either derives from the Dutch word “ransel” or the German word “ranzen,” which both mean backpack. Randoseru backpacks come in a shape resembling a turtle shell, and they feature leather or faux leather to give them a rigid outer surface.

With all the internet resources available to teach you what to know about the different types of backpacks, deciding on which one to purchase is complex. When choosing, functionality should be the main priority. Overall, going with what makes you happy means you won’t regret a thing.

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