What To Expect During Military Funeral Honors

What To Expect During Military Funeral Honors

Our military is immensely proud of how they conduct their military funeral honors. The ceremonies are beautiful and honorable, providing great comfort to fallen soldiers’ families.

If you’re wondering what a military funeral entails, there are a few things you should know. Let’s look at what to expect during military funeral honors.

The Honor Guard

An honor guard is one of the most distinctive features of a military funeral. They are a ceremonial unit of service members performing various tasks during the funeral. Typically, the honor guard will escort the deceased’s family from home to the funeral site and provide security during the service.

The honor guard also plays an important role during the funeral itself. They will often be responsible for carrying the deceased’s casket and folding and presenting the American flag to the family. During the graveside service, the honor guard will fire a rifle volley in tribute to their fallen comrade.


Another characteristic feature is the playing of “Taps,” a beautiful and haunting melody traditionally played at military funerals. The song honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Dress and Appearance

All military personnel participating in the funeral honors will be in their dress uniform, with all medals and decorations. Additional dress etiquette for military funeral services can vary depending on the branch of service.

Those not in the military should dress conservatively out of respect for the occasion. Dark colors are best for funerals. Avoid any casual clothing such as jeans or T-shirts.

A military funeral is a dignified tribute to the life of a fallen service member. Whether you are a military member or a civilian, it is crucial to understand what to expect during a military funeral. Doing so will ensure you show your respect in the most appropriate way possible.

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