What To Do if You Lose Your Luggage at the Airport?

What To Do if You Lose Your Luggage at the Airport?

You haven’t seen frustration until you experience a nightmare at the airport. There seems to be a neverending list of complications we endure when traveling through the friendly skies, and not having our luggage at the end is one of the most infuriating. Knowing the protocol of what you should do if you lose your luggage at the airport is your only path to serenity.

Report It Immediately

The most critical thing one must do if their luggage vanishes into the night is go to the airline’s counter. Without alerting them about the situation, there’s no way you will receive compensation for this error.

The agent at the counter will need your baggage claim information and a form of identification. Ideally, the agent can locate your bag within minutes because someone put it on the wrong conveyor. However, if life throws you curveballs, it can be weeks before they discover your bag.

Regardless of the outcome, don’t forget to get a report for your lost luggage. Having a record of what happened will help if they are ignorant about the ordeal.

Get Compensation

Typically, checking a bag requires you to pay a fee. With this payment, there is an understanding between you and the airline that you will receive your luggage after the plane lands. Therefore, if the airliner loses your bag, you should receive reimbursement for the fee. As much as you want the money now, it will likely take a couple of weeks before it comes in the mail.

Track Your Expenses

If you lose your luggage, you’ll probably need to buy new attire. Instead of tossing the receipt for the clothing in the trash, keep it as a record in hopes that the airliner compensates you for it. However, the purchases must be practical, not $750 designer pieces, or they might tell you to take a hike.

Keep the Airliner Aware

Airliners and great customer service don’t always go hand in hand. To the shock of no one, airliners may not be accommodating when you initially contact them. And even if they are helpful from the get-go, they could “forget” about your issue. Contacting them for a follow-up is the best way to keep the wheels in motion so that you receive your luggage and get the repayment you deserve.

Double-Check Your Bag When It’s Returned

Hopefully, your luggage will return to you in one piece after a few short days. It’s nice to assume that everything is how you remember, but you can never be too sure. Inspect your luggage thoroughly before giving the airliner the thumbs up that everything is peachy.

Knowing what you should do if you lose your luggage at the airport is vital. It’d be wise to instruct your students to get everything in a carry-on bag, but that isn’t an option sometimes.

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