What Makes Kevlar So Important in Military Operations

What Makes Kevlar So Important in Military Operations

For decades now, the military has used Kevlar as its main component for protection in military operations. When deployed or in wartime arenas, people use it as undergarment armor and a part of headgear.

There are many characteristics behind the construction of Kevlar and its ability to protect and shield things, many of which make it a prime candidate for military uniforms and armor. These aptitudes are what make Kevlar so important in military operations today.

Unsurpassed Strength

Unlike most other materials, this chain polyamide proves to be over five times stronger than steel due to the nature of the high-density fibers and how well they weave together.

Under tension and pressure, the material rebounds most objects. This material is even flame-resistant, making it highly effective in most operational and tactical scenarios.

Incredibly Lightweight

Another practical aspect of the material is that it is lightweight. Kevlar measures in at 1.4 grams per cubic centimeter, whereas iron is 7.9 grams per cubic centimeter.

That’s six times less weight than a traditional iron armored chest plate or any plated armor available. This characteristic makes for efficient body armor because it doesn’t add too much weight to the individual. In wartime applications, soldiers wearing Kevlar can run without experiencing fatigue and can keep relatively cool, as the lightweight material does not hold heat.

Host of Applications

Military uniforms play an important role in the field, and Kevlar’s versatility cements its place in uniforms worldwide. Police forces also rely on Kevlar, but the material isn’t limited to combat applications. It has taken off in the culinary world, providing cut-resistant gloves for chefs to prepare their food with and not have the worry of any accidents occurring in the workplace with blades.

It also plays a key role for firefighters and local fire stations as a means to create blast flame barriers and keep explosions at bay when clearing rooms and buildings on fire.

You can see the appeal of this material through its high-grade performance and multiple applications. There are many characteristics that make Kevlar so important in military operations, but its reach expands far beyond the military. Kevlar can help people in a wide array of industries stay safe.

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