What is Tezotopia?

what is tezos

As crypto evolves of course we start to see new ways to use things like Tezos and Bitcoin. Enter Tezotopia. Think of Tezotopia has a combination somewhat of a play to earn game like Axie and these other metaverse spheres like Decentraland. One term often used is RTS – a Real Time Strategy gaming platform.

The website displays a wonderful UX experience where players can easily view their dashboard to see what assets they have and the current status and earnings. All one has to do is click CLAIM and the earnings can pop right onto your wallet that accepts Tezzies – such as the Temple Wallet.

Tezotops – these represent the digital or Web3 land if you will and the associated resources. Each piece can have ratings which impact its value. The four categories at this point are Energy, Minerals, Machinery, and Unobtanium. Uno is very rare and valuable.

Artifacts – these are things like a volcano, dragon, or quarry.

Collectibles – could be anything.

Diplomats – these are the key players and influencers though there is still much more to learn. There was a mint of these and they are all sold out but actively trading on secondary markets. You can also buy/sell all of these things right within the Tezotopia game itself. Diplomats in order of power and strength are as follows: Royal, Statesman, Magnate, Harvester, Commoner.

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