What Is Tactical Gear and Who Uses It in the Field?

What Is Tactical Gear and Who Uses It in the Field?

If you’ve watched action movies with high-speed car chases and gun battles in the street, then you’ve seen tactical gear. But tactical gear is much more than a series of props—it’s the key to survival for thousands of people each day. So, what is tactical gear and who uses it in the field?

Defining Tactical Gear

Tactical gear is a special kind of personal protective equipment that shields the body from oncoming assaults. Whether these attacks involve bullets, knives, or plain punches, the interior plating and strong interwoven fabrics protect wearers from deadly force. Tactical gear involves everything from vests to pants to shoes to accessories.

Why It’s Necessary

Tactical gear differs from everyday clothing because it serves an explicit, functional, and practical purpose. Sure, wearing regular clothes keeps you warm and covered. But with tactical gear, the purpose is defense and survival. Normal clothing can’t serve these vital functions. Where else will you find Kevlar-lined pants and pocket-filled vests?

Common Field and Industry Applications

Tactical gear started as a clothing adaptation for military personnel who needed more functional clothing. Today, nearly every worker in the military and law enforcement wears tactical gear for protection and defense. Whether a person works for the US Army, the FBI, or the local sheriff’s office, tactical gear is a must-have.

The next time you wonder, “What is tactical gear and who uses it in the field?” remember all the people in arms who depend on this personal protective equipment for safety. Whether you’re in law enforcement or would like to build your personal repertoire, you should check out an online tactical gear store for the most up-to-date equipment. Since fabrics are always improving, it’s best to keep an eye out for the new, high-tech options that will protect you from all modern threats.

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