What Colors Are Best for Branding Food and Drink Items?

What Colors Are Best for Branding Food and Drink Items?

If you’re a food or drink business looking to make your products stand out from your competitors, you must understand the psychology of colors. Different hues elicit emotions and feelings that actually make certain items more appealing to consumers. If you’re wondering what colors are best for branding food and drink items, then check out this guide on marketing and design.

Red and Orange

If your business sells food products, you want your consumers to feel hungry as they reach for an item. Hunger is a potent feeling that makes individuals more likely to spend money. Red and orange are the best colors for food marketing, as they cause a sense of desire.

Red, in particular, elicits passion. When a hungry person sees red, it can make a product highly attractive. Mix in yellows and blues to add more character and variety.

Blue and Green

Lighter, calmer colors are preferable branding options for drink companies. Water bottles almost always feature a combination of blue and white to make people feel thirsty. Some companies mix in red to add that sense of desire.

Energy drinks and sodas tend to get flashier with their designs, often featuring bright shades of green. Green makes consumers very thirsty and more willing to spend money on a refreshing drink.

Complements and Contrasts

Should you choose complementary colors or contrasting colors when designing your labels for canned goods and other types of products? Ultimately, the choice is up to you. You just need the hues to fit your company’s brand.

Complementary colors and patterns are easier on the eyes, so they’re perfect for luxurious products. Contrasting hues and shapes are more energetic and an excellent option for snacks and sugary drinks. Make sure you design a few different models before making your decision.

If you’re still unsure what colors are best for branding food and drink items, consider doing product marketing tests with everyday consumers. You’ll gather great information that’ll ensure your products fly off the shelves.

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