Unique ways to commemorate a much-loved companion

When a family member or friend dies, there is a huge number of ways that you can mark their passing and remember them. However, this is not always the case when a beloved pet or animal companion passes, because not everybody is likely to view it the same way that you might.

As the passing is significant to you, you are likely to want to commemorate them in a significant way, so that they will be remembered for years to come. While any internet search is likely to come up with a dozen ways you can do this (all of which you are likely to have seen before), there are a couple more that are a little unusual and might even be ways to commemorate your furry friend that you might not have thought of.

#1 A unique contribution to an animal sanctuary

While giving money to local animal charities is something that you might do already, if one is having a new wing or department built, there is something else you could do. You may be able to donate and have a commemorative engraved brick added to the build, so that your pet’s name and your message are displayed on a wall or floor for as long as the building stands.

This means that every time somebody visits to either adopt an animal or donate money or services themselves, they will see your unique memorial and know just how important a part of your life your four-legged companion will have been.

#2 Name a star after them

If you prefer something a little more celestial, especially if your life is likely to move you away from the area in years to come, this could provide the perfect solution. If you name a star after your pet, you can see it at night if you want, just by looking up.

While some might think this is a little left field, it is worth remembering that the idea of naming stars after animals isn’t a new idea and has been around for centuries. In fact, nearly half of the named constellations are not named after people or objects, but animals; so if you do choose this method, your companion will be in very good company.  

#3 A keepsake box

While you might have plans to keep a collar or a feeding bowl, there are bound to be some other things that are unique to your relationship with your pet, like pictures of places where they always went for walks or their pedigree certificate if they have one. Having a bespoke box made to keep those items in will provide the perfect way to have all of them in one place, and it can be added to over time if you (understandably) can’t face doing it all at once.

To wrap things up

It’s a sad fact that not everyone ‘gets’ how you are likely to feel when a beloved pet passes on, but the pain is real, and you need to do things to help you cope, including commemorating their life. Your pet had their own quirks and personality, and finding a memorial to fit them, like adding to an animal sanctuary, making a keepsake box, or naming a star after them, can help you do that in style.

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