Types of Automation To Add to a Warehouse

Types of Automation To Add to a Warehouse

Warehouse automation is becoming more and more common. Since manual warehouse processes are prone to human error, they can significantly impact the bottom line by increasing costs and reducing profitability.

Automating these processes can increase productivity, reduce errors and make employees happier in their work environments. These types of automation to add to a warehouse can help companies of all sizes to make their workspace more efficient.

Goods-to-Person Automation

This automation can bring the goods to the person instead of the other way around. This system uses various types of robots that perform the task autonomously or under human control and an all-in-one wireless control system.

These systems move inventory from one location to another within the warehouse. They can also load and unload trucks, sort products, and package them. This type of automation can help reduce the time employees spend walking around the warehouse and looking for products and reduce the labor needed to move these things around.

Automated Storage or Retrieval Systems

This type of automation stores or retrieve products. It also includes mechanized or automated cranes and forklifts to move pallets around.

These systems work in large warehouses and distribution centers where inventory stays on pallets and needs to go onto trucks. These systems open up opportunities to eliminate manual wrapping machines or other facility-based packaging processes.

Guided Vehicles

Guided vehicles, also known as AGVs (automated guided vehicles), transport goods to a destination. They use automatic navigation systems or sensors to move through the warehouse, picking up and dropping off products.

These systems are ideal for high-volume industrial applications, where products require movement quickly and accurately. You can also use them in conjunction with other types of automation, such as conveyor belts, to create a fully automated system.

Voice Picking or Tasking

Voice picking or tasking is automation that uses voice recognition technology to track and pick inventory. This system uses a headset and wearable computer for picking purposes.

Using this type of automation means that employees can spend less time on repetitive, manual tasks and more time on complex or analytical work.

There are many benefits of using these automation methods within a warehouse. By automating these tasks, businesses can improve their overall efficiency and profitability.

In addition, it can help reduce the amount of time employees spend on manual tasks and improve safety conditions within the workplace.

If you’re considering automating your warehouse, consult with an experienced automation provider who can help you determine which type would be best suited for your business needs.

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