Top Stealth Vapes of 2021: Vape Such That Nobody Can See You

top stealth vapes

Convenience and portability are some of the strongest suits of the vaping system. And far as these go, stealth vapes are the devices sitting at the cutting edge of technology. It’s not anyone who likes carrying a vape that feels like a brick in the pocket.

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For instance, you can shop switch mods if you’re looking for disposable options that are hassle-free, convenient, and require no maintenance. But if you want large clouds and some extra power, you’ll have to go for sub-ohm mods. The only caveat, these types will draw some attention to you, the opposite of stealth.

But what makes stealth vapes so appealing?

Apart from the aesthetics of a small, concealable vape, vaping in stealth mode can be the only option in certain circumstances. Given that legislation on vaping is still shifting, you may find yourself at places where you can’t vape in public. And even in regions where it’s okay to vape in places like bars, you might feel like keeping a low profile.

Some vapers have had strangers asking them questions like “what’s that? How does it work? Where can I also get one? Do you mind if I try it?” Sometimes stealth vaping is just to avoid such questions; other times, it’s just about showing those around you some respect.

Irrespective of why it’s necessary, here are five stealth vapes to buy in 2021.

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1.    SMOK Infinix

The SMOK Infinix vape bears a striking resemblance to one of the most popular vape pens on the market. However, its output is way better. What you’ll get with this dry herb vaporizer is a sleek, classy, and portable Infinix vape pen. It comes with a strong battery and large pods giving you longer vaping time. Also, you can decide to use any nic salt e-juice to fill it., It’s very affordable and stealthy yet offers a smooth and familiar draw.

2.    Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop is as stealthy as a vape can get. The manufactures made it with a pod system that renders vaping easy and convenient almost everywhere. It comes with an ultra-modern finish, shaped like a teardrop. Most people will not even realize you have a vape device when you carry this around. Apart from the great looks, it comes with several great features and functions too. The build is small yet, extra durable.

3.    Smok SLM

If you wish to own some of the smallest vapes money can buy, look no further than the SMOK SLM. It is one of the smallest builds currently on the market. You’ll find that it resembles a pen instead of a vape device, making it perfect as a stealth device. To use it, you only have to draw on it with your mouth—no need to fidget with it or perform any extra adjustments in public.

4.    Phix Vape Kit

The Phix Vape Kit is a pod-based system manufactured by Major League Vapors. It’s a unique device created to make stealth vaping as easy as possible. But it doesn’t just look great; it also comes packed with features and extra functions to offer one of the best user experiences a device of its size can offer. You’ll get a stable 3.7 volts that work your prefilled juice, eliminating any possibility of mess and spills out of your vaping experience.

5.    Suorin Air

The Suorin Air is a renowned option among pod mod systems that offer stealth vaping. The dimensions of the device are 86mm x 54mm x 8mm. It weighs 136g, and despite its compact nature, the Suorin Air reaches full charge in only 30 minutes. Unlike other devices on this list, it comes with a refillable pod. So you can match it with a stealthy e-juice flavor. It also comes in different colors like gunmetal, rose gold, and black.

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No matter which of these five stealth vapes you choose, you’ll need some tricks up your sleeves to make the best use of them.  Here are four tips for stealth vaping to help you hide in plain sight.

1.    Try Not to Look Weird

Given recent occurrences around the world, most states are on high alert. Therefore, nothing will make you more suspicious-looking than when you’re attempting to hide something. The idea of stealth is not to look suspicious but to hide in plain sight. If people can tell that you’re hiding something or at least attempt to, then your cover is blown. Just be yourself, act normal, and be your usual happy self, instead of doing anything out of the ordinary like visiting the washroom every few minutes.

2.    Choose The Appropriate E-Juice

You can act as normal as humanly possible, but if your vape leaves a noticeable aroma in the air, you’re not in stealth mode. Ideally, you want to choose an e-juice with pleasant aromas that non-vapers will find familiar. A good example is the menthol e-liquid. It has a minty scent, which is common. On the other hand, a tobacco-scented vaping juice leaves enough clue to tell people of your vaping activities.

3.    Regulate Your Clouds

The cloud produced by your vape is perhaps the most obvious sign of vaping to the naked eye. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small cloud. It is noticeable all the same. Therefore, real stealth vaping requires vapers to disperse clouds before they make it to the open air. This is easier than it sounds. You only need a filter to absorb a significant portion of the cloud before it hits the air.

4.    Hold The Vapor Longer

You can also reduce the amount of vapor that gets into the air using a simple trick. Simply hold your vapor for a longer time, usually a few extra seconds before exhaling. This will reduce the amount released into the air around you and ensure that people surrounding you won’t notice any cloud. Naturally, vapor dissipates quickly in the open air. But to remain on the safer side, try to produce as little as possible.


With all the information, tips, and stealth vapes given above, you can vape in stealth mode. But even then, it’s better if you don’t vape everywhere you find yourself. Best you check the locale. Ultimately, you’ll use your best judgment to tell if it’s fine to pull out your stealth vape for a few draws.

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