Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs

5 most dangerous jobs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a Fatal Facts page that gives examples of deaths from some of the most dangerous jobs. Each example represents some of the most common types of fatalities you see in each industry. This page has some of the most dangerous jobs in America.

From construction to logging, each job has its own set of dangers and challenges for workers to overcome. What are the most dangerous jobs in America? Read on to learn about five of the most dangerous jobs to have.

1. Logging

One of the most dangerous jobs in America is logging. The fatality rate for loggers is thirty-three times the average job. The biggest danger lies in getting hit by trees or the heavy-duty equipment loggers use.

The remote and isolated areas loggers work in also contribute as it can be difficult to get them to a hospital. Many logging camps have ambulances on standby in case of accidents. Some have full trauma units set up on site.

2. Roofing

Roofing ranks among the most dangerous jobs. It is easy to slip and fall while climbing ladders and walking on roofs. They need to carry heavy building materials and supplies while climbing ladders or using other equipment.

The risk of falling as they move is very high, especially while carrying equipment. Workers often have to move around each other in these spaces. Even falling short distances can be fatal if you aren’t careful.

3. Pilots

Being a pilot is one of the most dangerous careers, but not for the reason you would think. Pilots of small planes and helicopters are responsible for flight checks and maintenance and fueling of the vehicles. Most of the fatal accidents in air travel happen in smaller vehicles.

4. Construction

Construction workers deal with a variety of dangerous situations daily. Workers on construction sites can slip and fall or get caught in machinery. They have to take great care and clean the worksites to prevent falls and other such accidents.

Construction site safety is a priority and special training is often employed. Training such as confined space training, or height training. This training helps keep the worksites and the workers safer.

5. Fishing & Hunting

The fishing aspect of this dangerous job is where most deaths occur. Workers can drown while fishing or the machinery they work with can cause harm. The dangers of working on a fishing trawler grow with the time of the year.

The often violent weather found on the ocean and off the coasts contributes to the danger. A worker can fall overboard during a storm. In the cold weather, ice coats the deck of the boat which causes a dangerous risk.

America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

There are many dangerous jobs across the United States besides the ones talked about here. From piloting a plane to working on a construction site, workers need to be careful. In some cases, dangerous jobs that pay well are the most dangerous of them all.

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