Top 3 Tips for Fishing in Cooler Weather

Top 3 Tips for Fishing in Cooler Weather

Summer isn’t the only time for catching fish. In fact, some of the best experiences you can have on the water happen with a crisp breeze in the air. Cooler weather certainly shakes up normal fishing maneuvers and requires you to rewire your brain if you want to find success. Read on to learn our top three tips for fishing in cooler weather.

Location Is Everything

Expert anglers know that with fishing, the place you cast your line is just as important as your bait. If you want to find out the best spots in your state for cold weather fishing, be sure to check the website of your state’s Department of Natural Resources. Make sure to heed regulations while finding the prime lakes for cold weather fishing.

Dress for Success

Fishing is all about patience, but if you stay out in cold weather long enough without the proper clothing, you may get frostbite or hypothermia. Don’t forget to bring all the warm clothing you’ll need for a long time out on the water. Windchill can easily slice through a jacket and freeze you to your bones, so don’t hesitate to stock up on warm clothes.

Baiting the Hook

Lures may be your go-to option in the summer, but you should opt for live bait in colder months. That’s because lures move more quickly than fish expect their prey to move. In cold water, fish and live bait slow down to conserve energy. As soon as you start jerking around a lure, you’ll spook the fish you want to catch!

Also, if you want to fish over frozen bodies of water, you should head out with at least one other person. For example, if you’re planning to take up the old tradition of stabbing northern pike, be sure to bring a buddy along. Never go out on the ice without some backup so that you have help if you get into a dangerous situation.

Now that you know the top three tips for fishing in cooler weather, grab a jacket and your gear and get out on the water. Even though there’s a nip in the air, you can still get a bite!

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