Tooth Implanted Into His Eye

Martin Jones, an Englishman had lost his power of vision and remained blind for almost a decade. He has now regained his power of vision. This has been accomplished by implanting a piece of tooth in his eye. The tooth that was implanted was a canine tooth which is also known as the “eyetooth”. A living canine was pulled out of Martin Jones’ own mouth. They then placed a man-made eye lens into its base and placed it under the lid of his eye and let the tissue grow over the canine. Also a lit flap of his skin was taken from his mouth and implanted over the tooth in his eye which later had access to its own supply of blood. The doctors then cut a hole in the cornea that permitted light to enter the eye. This very procedure gave six hundred people the power of vision.

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  1. that is ridiculously flucking amazing. my only thought is how do they figure out something as random as thst. I only feel bad for the people that had to suffer the pain of testing out the other thirty teeth because we all know they didn’t. guess right the first time. no disrespect, but if we have minds capable of that what’s taking so long on the important stuff. I have a feeling a cancer patient would rather live than see.

  2. :O omg random


    this article is so weird :X but hey if i was blind for 10 years i would also do it (although i have a hard time believing that actually works)

  3. i find this utterly interesting, thank you for bringin this joy to my miserbale life
    i live
    11 cats
    and a big fish

  4. Hey
    This is known as keratoprostheses & it is performed as a last resort in a bilaterally blind person with an eye which has corneal blindness & some visual potential

  5. thats so weird. but it is a great thing to do because it gives the ability of seeing to people who were or are blind. if i was i would totally want to do it.

  6. How do they put the tooth in the eye? this is so amazing.They said a live tooth so does that mean a healthy tooth? What if the tooth had a cavity and they didn’t see it? Then they had to pull another tooth that would suck. Which pain is worst pulling a dead tooth or a live tooth? I think a live tooth because the veins and stuff that connect to the gum there still alive so they can feel every inch I mean you could i would think. But if the tooth is dead i could just imagine that hurting less because its dead and so i would imagine no feeling.but i don’t know maybe these answers are simple and im stupid i was in special classes…lol

    P.S. sorry if i spelled anything wrong.

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