Tips for Snapping Great Real Estate Agent Headshots

Tips for Snapping Great Real Estate Agent Headshots

Every real estate agent needs headshots to help build their professional image and portfolio. It’s your job to ensure you capture your subject in the best light so they can land clients. Here are a few tips to consider for capturing a professional real estate headshot.

Find the Perfect Backdrop

Using a solid and simple studio backdrop is essential for taking great real estate agent headshots. You should avoid patterned, themed, or textured backdrops to create a professional image. Using a simple backdrop is the beginning of building the perfect set for your client.

Choose a Great Color Palette

Another tip for snapping a great real estate agent headshot is to choose a suitable color palette. Coordinate the backdrop to the client’s attire to get the best complementary photos. You can even coordinate with them beforehand and advise them on the best colors to wear for their shoot.

If they have a bright and bubbly personality and want to convey that through the photos, opt for pink, green, red, or bright blue. If they have a more chill and laid-back personality, opt for classic nudes, whites, or even just the basic black. You can match the background to your client’s clothing or accessories. For example, if your client is wearing a brown suit, use a tan or white background.

Choose Strong Poses

Poses make or break headshots. Since the client is being photographed from the midsection and up, finding simple but professional poses makes all the difference. Try power poses, like a hands-on-hips stance, crossed arms, or even one arm crossed with the other gently resting on the chin.

Poses reflect that the headshots were given some thought and allow the client to showcase a bit of personality in the photos.

Use a Reflector

When it comes to equipment, reflectors are your best friend for headshots. Reflectors help reduce or eliminate shadows from the client’s face, making them clearer and more illuminated. Use a reflector with a stand and place it at an angle below the client’s face.

Cast Light from Above

Proper illumination of your subject is key. If you want to capture the best photos of your client, invest in quality lighting and use it correctly. Placement is everything when it comes to lighting. For the headshots, cast the light from above to avoid shadows and completely illuminate your client for brightness and clarity.

Now, combine all these easy tips and elements for a successful real estate agent shoot, and you’re on track for a satisfied and happy client!

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