Tips for Handling and Storing Chemicals

Tips for Handling and Storing Chemicals

Anyone who works in an industrial setting knows the power of certain elements and materials. Without particular chemicals, industrial plants could not heat their furnaces or activate their lasers. Here are a few tips for handling and storing chemicals.

Prepare and Train

It’s vital that anyone who handles dangerous chemicals knows how to do so safely and is aware of the risks of inappropriate maneuvering. Plant managers are responsible for keeping staff updated on safety protocols and training all incoming employees on physical safety standards. It’s also vital to prepare the storage area before moving materials. All storage facilities must have lab maintenance checklists to keep every inch of their spaces secure.

Always Wear PPE

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is a must-have for anyone dealing with chemicals. Whether the chemicals pose a direct threat to the human body or not, there’s no point in exposing your skin to unnatural materials. PPE typically includes a full-body suit or gown, eye goggles or a face visor, a respirator face mask, double-layered gloves, and impermeable boots. With all these items firmly in place, you can approach any substance with confidence.

Consider Hazardous Reactions

When moving or storing highly volatile chemicals, you must consider all the possible reactions. Suppose you’re transporting a flammable liquid. You will want to keep it in a cool, dark place far away from any heat sources. Or imagine that you need to store hydrofluoric acid—one of the most dangerous acids. You should keep it far away from any workspaces with people or other sensitive materials that it could dissolve and eat through.

Knowing these tips for handling and storing chemicals will keep all who work in industrial areas safe and secure. Though not all chemicals can harm people, it’s essential to treat every substance with care. You never know what other chemicals might be nearby waiting for an accident to happen.

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