Tiny Invaders: 5 Termite Facts

facts about termites

Pests are a problem for countless people around the US. Indeed, an almighty 84% of households get infested by everything from roaches to rodents each year.

Of all the possible pest infestations, though, few are worse than termites. These little critters literally eat your house from the inside out! However, there’s far more to know about these tiny invaders than their destructive tendencies.

Want to find out all about them? Keep reading to discover 5 fascinating termite facts.

1. They Have a Caste System

The lives of termites are more complex than many people think. They’re eusocial insects, which means that each colony subsists of various castes (or divisions). Or, to put it another way, different termites perform specific functions!

It’s like one big team, with each group of termites having particular adaptations that facilitate the success of the colony. Among others, there are the reproductive termites (including the king and queen), the workers, and even soldiers that guard the nest against intruders.

2. They Have Enemies

Remember those soldier termites we just mentioned? Well, they come in useful against the natural-born enemy of all termite colonies: ants.

That’s right, these two insects that seem so similar really don’t get on. Ants will prey on termites and run riot if they gain entry to their colonies.

3. They Never Sleep

Yup, it’s no wonder they cause so much damage to our houses! Termites are the ultimate insomniacs.

They never sleep, working (aka eating) around the clock with no respite. That’s why it’s so important to get rid of them from your house ASAP. The longer you leave it, the more chance they have to chew their way through its structures.

4. They’re Quite Clean

Most pests have a reputation for being dirty, smelly, and disease-ridden. But termites are actually quite hygienic! In an attempt to eradicate harmful parasites and diseases that could damage the colony, termites are known to groom each other to stay clean!

However, that doesn’t necessarily make them tidy houseguests. These pests might keep each other clean, but they still cause a mess in your home. Everything from their frass (aka excrement) to their wings get left behind in little mounds for you to clean up after them.

5. They Not Dangerous (In the Usual Sense)

Of all the facts you need to know about termites, one of the most reassuring is that they won’t cause you any harm. You don’t have to worry about diseases or germs being spread, and they won’t bite you either. In fact, it’s unlikely that you’d ever even see them.

Alas, that doesn’t mean you can live happily in each other’s company. As we’ve said, the damage they cause can impact the entire structural integrity of your home. In that way, termites are some of the most dangerous pests out there!

Remember These Termite Facts

It’s easy to dismiss termites as a total nuisance and pest like any other.

We hope these termite facts have demonstrated why that isn’t the case. Sure, they’re far from fun to have in the house. Yet there’s no denying that these incredible insects live fascinating lives and have a host of amazing attributes.

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