Things You Didn’t Know About Sinkholes

Things You Didn’t Know About Sinkholes

There are countless stories about the wonder and destruction surrounding sinkholes. They are a popular trope in movies and novels. Sinkholes aren’t just a work of fiction; they are real-life threats—and they’re not as uncommon as you’d think! Explore some things you didn’t know about sinkholes.

Sinkholes Are More Common in Different States

While sinkholes appear around the world, there are certain parts of the United States that see them more often. For example, Florida is by far the state with the most sinkholes. Other states such as Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Texas, and others are also affected by sinkholes more than other states.

They Are Naturally Forming

Sinkholes happen naturally and don’t result from human interference. When a sinkhole appears, the ground collapses. It happens most often in landscapes with limestone, gypsum, or another water-soluble material. The groundwater erodes the sediment and forms channels and caves beneath the surface. Eventually, the ground collapses in on itself.

There Are Warning Signs

When a sinkhole is starting to form near a residential address, there are a few signs you can look out for to identify it before disaster strikes. You may notice cracks in your pavement, walls in your home that slant or separate, and new and unexplained issues with your doors, windows, and cabinets. It’s important to know what a sinkhole outside your home means for you.

If Caught Early, Sinkholes Can Be Stopped

You can actually prevent a sinkhole from happening even if it’s already in progress. Injecting the ground with grout can stop sinkholes from appearing and fill the gaps created by the waterways underground.

There are probably many more things you don’t know about sinkholes, but these are a great start. If you live in an area prone to sinkholes, be sure to learn more and keep an eye out for the warning signs.

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