The Top Benefits of Midwifery Care in the US

The Top Benefits of Midwifery Care in the US

When it comes to labor and delivery, several factors can make or break a woman’s experience. Some of these factors include the items she packs in her hospital bag and her ability to eat or drink. But having a primary midwife at her side is a significant component of healthy, happy birth outcomes. Read on to learn some of the benefits.

Decrease in Cesarean Deliveries

One of the top benefits of midwifery care in the US is a decrease in cesarean deliveries. Many, if not all, midwives value labor and delivery as a naturally occurring, biological process, and the push for interventions is generally lower.

When a mother’s body is left to progress naturally, her chances of a cesarean reduce and are only on the table should an emergency arise. Having a midwife on your care team can help bring a natural delivery to the forefront.

Labor Induction Rates Drop Significantly

While a labor induction may be medically necessary, and there are a variety of natural alternative induction measures, a midwife understands that spontaneous labor benefits everyone. Allowing labor to occur on its own helps mothers receive optimal recovery outcomes and creates a safe space for the baby to progress without force. We recommend partnering with your care provider for clarification if you have questions about understanding or need an induction.

Postpartum Support Measures Increase

After delivery, a mother’s journey is hardly over. The need for care and support through the early months of postpartum is at an all-time high, and midwives of any certification level can provide these needs.

New moms often need breastfeeding knowledge and support, baby care basics like bathing and dressing, and general recovery assistance. Access to all these support services increases for mothers through a direct partnership with a midwifery center.

The Need for An Episiotomy Decreases

A common issue in natural vaginal deliveries is receiving an episiotomy to assist in delivering the baby. Luckily, midwives apply highly skilled hands-on methods, such as perineal massage, that improve the delivery process without needing an episiotomy.

An episiotomy is a manual incision to release the skin near the opening of the vulva. This skin release creates a larger opening for the baby to easily pass through. The recovery process from these measures can often be uncomfortable and challenging to overcome.

Though we list the primary focuses above, the top benefits of midwifery care in the US are relatively expansive. If you don’t have a midwife on your care team, consider finding one to ensure a smooth and empowering birth experience.

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