The Top Advancements in Conveyor Belt Technology

The Top Advancements in Conveyor Belt Technology

Conveyor belts might seem like simple machines, but a lot of parts get constant improvements to make the conveyor systems more efficient. New system types have come out to help carry materials in new ways. Here are the top advancements in conveyor belt technology you can find today.

Direct Drive Motors

Direct drive motors are tools engineers use to simplify and compact conveyor systems. The motors directly move the loads, so the systems don’t need to use as many gears (if any). This saves a lot of space, making conveyor systems smaller and more efficient for users.

Smart Conveyors

Smart conveyors come in several different forms. For instance, some place and space materials as they move along the belt. Other smart conveyors detect when a worker might be too close and stop to prevent injury. Smart conveyors help you increase efficiency and can vastly improve your company.

Vacuum Conveyors

Vacuum conveyors are a newer system to the market, and they use their namesake technology to transport materials on conveyor belts. The suction force the vacuum conveyor uses keeps materials from slipping so you can create deeper inclines and transport goods safely.

Adjustable Conveyors

Sometimes you need to move different objects. Having an adjustable conveyor system helps you efficiently move various materials of different sizes. You can’t change the length or destination with these systems, though, but you can widen them to hold larger objects.

Constant Improvements

Conveyor systems are a huge industry; a lot of companies use them. That means there’s a constant need for improvements and efficiency. You’ll see vast improvements in load-bearing and efficiency over the years. Plus, material protection and quieter systems are constant goals for conveyor belt improvements.

These are the top advancements in conveyor belt technology that hit the market and drive forward more improvements. These are some of the things you should consider when planning your conveyor systems. However, since they’re constantly getting improved, keep your eye out for new technologies.

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